35 & 36 week bumpdate

How far along:
Day two of 36 weeks. Only a few more weeks.... whaaaaat??

Baby Size: head of romaine lettuce; they estimate she weighs 5 ibs 10 oz

At my last appointment, I was measuring 5 weeks behind so they scheduled us for a growth scan to make sure everything was OK. Of course I was a little freaked out. I was more nervous that they'd do the ultrasound and find out she was breech than I was her being too small. It's always disconcerting when you have to go in for extra stuff though. We found out on Monday that all is well. She's in position, ready to go and is growing! She's on the small side but not alarmingly (plus, Mike and I are little people so.....good assumption that our kids will be too). It was seriously a huge answered prayer to get confirmation that everything was well and she was head down!

Weight gain: 25 ibs gained. I think I'll chill out on the ice cream. 

Maternity clothes: Just wearing the same things over and over and over again. Now that I don't have to go into work, I will probably live in my bathing suit and gym clothes. Ready to wear other clothes again. 

Stretch marks: Still nothing - hoping it stays that way. The area around my belly button does look weird though...almost bruised like and my belly is pretty itchy. 

Sleep: It's been pretty good this past week. I figured out that if I wedge myself in between Mike and a body pillow that I'm out more of the night. I get up a couple times to pee but probably less than 3 times.

Gender:  reconfirmation that it's a girl during our ultrasound

Movement: like crazy. I feel like my stomach isn't a part of me anymore. It just randomly moves. I was pretty sure she flipped around since she was moving so much but she's still head down (thank God!).

Best moment this week: Seeing our baby girl (and all her hair) on the ultrasound. We didn't get to sneak a peak at her face though since she's facing backwards. It was such a relief to hear and see that she's OK and in position! I can't wait to hold that little booger!

looking forward to: Cloth diapering. I am totally obsessed. I seriously could spend hours thinking about, reading about, looking at cloth diapers. I don't know what it is. If anyone has any used they want to sell or give away... I'm your gal :)!

Mike's looking forward to giving el baby a bath. He was super excited one morning and I didn't know why. Turns out....waiting for baby to arrive is like Christmas for him :)

Food cravings:  Ohhhh still eating ice cream like there is no tomorrow

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope -- just heartburn

Labor Signs: I think I had Braxton Hicks once in the night. It woke me up several times and I was convinced I was going into labor but I wanted to get some sleep. Needless to say...it wasn't labor.

What I miss:  Having the energy and ability to run around and exercise and all that jazz. I miss being active. 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good this week....just heaaaaavy. Itchy belly skin. 

Nursery: It's coming together. I should post some pictures but it's often under construction.....

Belly Button in or out? It's flatter... so I guess that's so far out it doesn't exist anymore ???

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood:  Good. Getting in nesting mode and feeling really good about having time to get stuff done. Finished our birth wish list, starting looking into pediatricians, returned and purchased some things we need. Feeling productive! 

Just started getting a little nervous about the labor part. I haven't been nervous yet or fearful of it but I can sense it creeping in. I think I need to just keep reading labor books that empower you to do it and keep focusing on it being positive, etc. I also keep forgetting that we are about to have a kid. When I remember, I get bouts of anxiety. As everyone always tells you, our lives are about to change forever. I am also starting to get sad that from here on out, it won't ever be just mike and I. Our family dynamic is about to get rocked. I'm excited but selfishly going to miss the time that it was just us. 

Who knew one could have so many competing emotions in one swoop?! Welcome to pregnancy.  


34-week bumpdate

How far along: 
34 weeks (technically 34 1/2 by the time this is getting posted)

 Baby Size: 

 Weight gain: 22.8 ibs gained -- will have an updated one on Thursday when we go to our appointment 

Maternity clothes: I basically now only fit into like 3 tank tops and the maxi dresses. I'm going to be real tired of the three dresses I have. 

Stretch marks: not yet. That one thing is gone basically. I think it was just a dry skin patch. 

Sleep: Kind of sucks. Still not sleeping through the night and can't sleep in. I woke up at 6:30am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep for the life of me. 

Gender:  girl and boy have I gotten some super cute girl clothes! People know me too well! 

Movement: All the time still. She prefers bedtime and early mornings. Joy! 

Best moment this week: The baby showers! It was so much to celebrate with all my closest friends and family! I had a blast and the sweet hosts did ah-mazing jobs!! So thankful for how many people love our little nugget already. She's going to have some amazing women in her life! Once I get photos....I need to post some! 

looking forward to: Having a baby ��!

Food cravings:  Ice cream and OJ. Anything cold really! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope -- still having heartburn a lot

Labor Signs: I don't think so. No Braxton hicks yet that I'm aware of. 

What I miss:  Not being sleepy. Guess I've got awhile until that will change! 

Symptoms: my feet! Omg they hurt all the time. I have really high arches so I think they're falling and it sucks. Just bought some shoe inserts but not sure how to pull them off with sandals. I may just have to look weird for a few weeks! 

Nursery: nothing new here! Ohhh well we did get a surprise! My mom surprised us with the mattress I really wanted. I'm a little psycho when it comes to things that baby will be using a lot. It freaks me out that mattresses can even be sold that emit gases... Like really? Oh and of course the one mike and I sleep on does, I'm sure, but I'm more worried about a little baby sleeping in that. Anyway, my mom knows my worries and surprised. Me with it while she was here. It was a sweet surprise and now our little bambino has a safer place to rest her head. 

Belly Button in or out? still the same -- I will finally admit that it's out.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood:  pretty good. Just sleepy all the time so if I seem spacey or uninterested....I'm just tired. 


33- week bumpdate

I started posting these updates so that those closest to me get the updates on the growing belly. All of our family lives far away and a lot of our closest friends do too so it was the easiest way for them to be a part of it. That still is the sole reason why I do these but I also want to normalize the wacky and unpredictable things/feelings that come with pregnancy, hence why I try to be as candid as possible. I realize some people probably think I should keep that to myself (although those people prob stopped reading this after two updates) but I have found so much relief through others ability to be honest and open about the good, the bad and the ugly. I am hopeful that my lack of filter helps someone else feel normal when they aren't 100% attached to the baby inside of them or they find themselves stuck on the floor of a grocery store flailing around like an upside down turtle. *Drop mic*

How far along: 33 weeks (and man am I starting to really slack at this....)

 Baby Size: a pineapple! By goly that seems huge!

 Weight gain: 22.8 ibs gained -- Almost 3 pounds in 2 weeks.... guess I should lay off the ice cream and pool snacks. Numbers aside (because I know that I'm small...I'm short and designed small so no scoffing allowed), it is shocking to see something so far off from your normal weight. I'm happy because I know this means I have a growing baby in there but def still makes you go ' woah.' And I still have potentially ~9 weeks left... we could do a lot of packing on the pounds in these last weeks.

Maternity clothes: I really want an excuse to buy something new but I can't justify it this late in the game. up to ~9 more weeks of the same outfits...here we go.

Stretch marks: still nothing except maybe one (the same thing that appeared awhile back). It looks more like ring worm except its not itchy but at this point I'm guessing its a stretch mark since it hasn't gone away. 

Sleep: OK struggling now in this area. It sucks. I can never get comfortable. Nothing helps. I can't sleep on my back because after a minute I feel like I'm suffocating or something and laying on my sides hurts my hips. Maybe I should try sleep standing. That could be a thing, right?

Gender:  femalia.... still name thinking. We love the name Olive but would prob go with Olivia and call her Olive. I'm starting to lean more with just going for Olive but we'll see. I also found a name last night that I like (Mike, not 100% sure) - Neriah. It supposedly means light, lamp of the Lord. I love the meaning and it's def unique. Maybe a middle name? Although I also love Grace for a middle name. Oh, choices. Blech.

Picking a name is hard. I want to pick out a name that is solid and has good meaning. But at the same time, I want it to be something we like. Plus, your stuck once you pick it. No going back.

Movement: All the time. I'm getting more used to it though. I think it kind of hurt once she beefed up and moved around a lot. It doesn't anymore but everyone seemed to think I was a freak for saying it hurt. FYI, it may hurt initially while you get used to be drop kicked constantly. Don't let people make you feel like a wimp. 

She's still head down. ahhhhhh she's getting ready for take off.

Best moment this week: Doing our birthing classes together. Not only did we get to do a lot of activities together and just learn together but I think it's a great thing to do to help build confidence and engagement from the dad. Mike's not a huge reader/researcher, although he is reading The Birth Partner, which is not a bad thing but it's just hard for him to have something pregnancy related to do. This really brought him into the labor picture and made him feel confident. Some dads do more than mom (reading tons of books, talking to people about experiences, researching and signing up for things) but for the dad that doesn't know what to do, this was a great thing to do together. Plus, we both heard the same thing and talked through them together so it helped us be on the same page. I would recommend it solely for the benefit of dad (plus its super helpful for mom too!).

How funny is this?!

looking forward to: Baby showers this weekend! I can't wait! I am SOOOO incredibly awkward when I'm the center of attention (and even worse when opening gifts.. I don't know what it is) but I really can't wait to celebrate our little nugget. Plus, who doesn't love a room full of your most favorite people? It doesn't get better than that.

Food cravings:  Well....ice cream and chocolate milk. Three pounds in two weeks = my inability to say no to ice cream and full fat, local chocolate milk. OMG it was so good. Straight from the cow's teet. I wish I was a baby cow.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope -- still having heartburn a lot but that's otay.

Labor Signs: Well, weak stomachs or people that really just don't want to know too much, stop reading. No braxton hicks that I'm aware of. I occasionally have a crampish type feeling thing but I'm not sure it's anything..prob just a gas bubble. However, I did see a mucusy, half-dollar sized (a little bigger) thingamajig in the toilet the other day. My midwife said it was probably part of my mucus plug. She said it can come up to 6 weeks beforehand. So that's kind of cool.

What I miss:  My back and feet not hurting. That seems to be constant these days. Sitting, standing, laying..all the same. Hurts. Lame.

Symptoms: back pain, hip pain, feet pain and constant complaining (is that a symptom... I think so.)

Not sure if I mentioned this last time but I have developed a lovely skin funk. It's basically chronic armpit abscess/cysts. Appetizing, eh? They've never seen it appear just in pregnancy but pregnancy I guess brought it out to the open. It's rather annoying and painful at times but goes to show that the weirdest things can happen when your hormones are all over the place. 

I will say, I have had a very good pregnancy. I know of women that have had pregnancies way worse than mine. With that said, your pregnancy is your pregnancy. It does not deflate your feelings, your pains, etc. I constantly feel myself feeling guilty the second I say anything negative or complain but if it sucks, it sucks. No beating around that bush. 

Nursery: Made some little pinch pots with Anna (who is a potter and knows what she is doing.. I do not). We're doing four in the nursery. Three will be hanging and one to sit somewhere. She took them to get fired and then we glaze them! 

Other than that....not a thang.  Waiting for the money tree so I can buy all the decorative stuff I want to..... come on money tree. Grow! Grow!

Belly Button in or out? still the same -- I will finally admit that it's out.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood:  I went through a season of anxiety but looking back it had nothing to do with labor, having a baby, the life change, etc. I think it just had to do with feeling overwhelmed with what is currently going on. I felt completely underwater and like I was failing at most things. Working, doctors appointments constantly (2-4 a week between all my different things..ugh), researching (I'm seriously addicted but I just love it so much), home maker, nesting and just normal life in general. 

When it comes to baby stuff, I'm to the freaking moon. I have no idea what she's like but I love her. I think she's cute, fo sho.  I'm way too excited. I can't wait. I can't wait to meet other moms, to build community with them, to learn from them, to have a cute little baby to take care, to fail constantly and just figure it out, for the unpredictability and all the life changes it will bring. And OMG I can't wait to snuggle the heck out of that girl. I hope she's touchy feely because both Mike and I are and I'm already obsessed with baby wearing and I don't even have a baby yet. Ohhh and seeing Mike as a dad. He's going to be so cute. I just have a huge desire for family (and have as long as I can remember) and could pour all my energy into that. I'd say it is def my passion......

Alas, today has been weird. I've cried three times already. I don't even remember over what. A cute baby picture, who knows? Hopefully that's over and done with though. Maybe I'll watch a sappy girly movie on Netflix. Give myself a good cry. 


32 week bumpdate

How far along: 32 weeks (and yes I missed an update!)

 Baby Size: squash (about 4ibs)

 Weight gain: 20 ibs gained

Maternity clothes: same stuff. I think I wear the same 4 things over and over....nothing new there. 

Stretch marks: not yet

Sleep: some nights are better than others. Starting not to be comfortable no matter which way I lay. I get uncomfortable after a few hours in a position. 

Gender:  still a girl, I hope 

Movement: lots of it! She's head down (and seems really low) but wiggles her butt all around. She packed on the pounds while we were on vacation (it was all the eating out ��) so now when she moves, she protrudes out! My belly moves all over the place. She also gets hiccups a lot. Poor little girl. I def called the nurse to make sure that was OK. It is. And mike learned how to 'rock the baby.' He rocked her and read her a book last night. Super cute. 

Best moment this week: prob mike rocking the baby. It was super sweet. We went to a Self Care for the Pregnant Couple class that taught acupressure, massage and yoga for prenatal health and labor comforts. It was a really cool class. All hands on. We both LOVED the class. I'd def recommend doing something like this even if it's just for the bonding experience for mom/dad. I think it was helpful for Mike because it showed him different ways to help comfort me. Pregnancy ain't all pie and cookies (for some it's mostly barf and aches) and most husbands want to help make us feel better during it. I think this class really empowered him to do that during pregnancy and labor.

My friend, Anna,  and and I went shopping and found some super cute pieces for the nursery. It was so much fun to run around looking for pieces with her. Not to mention she has amazing taste (check out her art)! 

 looking forward to: we've got our comprehensive birth classes this weekend. I'm not totally excited that the 12 hours of instruction is packed into three days but it's all that fit our schedule and is probably better to do it that way anyway. The class is with our doula so it will be nice to get to know her more!

Getting some more done in the nursery. I've never enjoyed decorating so much. And it may quite possibly be leaking into other rooms. I'm legit nesting. Watch out bank account.

Food cravings:  cold stuff. Ice cream, Popsicles, fruit, water with ice. Anything cold. Gimme Gimme

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope -- but I have had some good cases of heartburn. Made it through like half a bottle of Tums this week.

Labor Signs: not that I'm aware of. I really want a Braxton Hicks contraction. Would I know it if I had it?? Sometimes I think maybe I had one but I don't know. Could just be she's in an uncomfortable spot. 

What I miss:  So I was looking at pics and saw one before I was preggers. I kind of miss a flat stomach (although it's nice not having to watch what I eat for pool season). I def miss the agility that came with pre-preg body.

Symptoms: Roly poly syndrome -- she's huge and I can't maneuver the same way I used to be able to. I feel like she's going to poke out of my stomach. And I have to like roll to get out of bed

Ohhhhh and this isn't a symptom but it's a funny. Went to Trader Joes....was grabbing something via squat from the bottom shelf. Fell backwards and couldn't get up. I felt like a turtle on my back. Just kind of squirmed around a little bit.  Mike had to pull me up and the old man next to me commented 'that'll happen more often the older I get.' Looking forward to that. Thanks kind, old man (in case you've been perusing the internet and landed here). 

Nursery: I washed, folded and organized all the stuff we have so far. Found some cute pieces at Marshalls and Home Goods (update pic below -- new stuff = wooden side table, pillow on rocking chair and basket next to crib). Played with a little watercolor to try and see if I could create some art for the room (yes, I used Rifle Paper to look at for the one on the left..total knockoff).

Belly Button in or out? Same ol

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. I keep forgetting that I want to get the beads taken off but it hasn't been an issue at all yet.

Mood:  It's been alright. I'm ready to have her here and start that 'new' chapter. To be able to focus on that and learn to adjust and what not. I am a little worn out from all the life changes that have taken place in the past year and I think it's kind of hitting me.... like I need a little break from everything and just have some solitude or something. HA! 

 I didn't know anything before I got pregnant (and still don't) but word of mouth and lots of research has been the way I've sifted through everything out there. I figure I should share anything I remember to share.

Pregnancy/labor ones that I've read and enjoy -- Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth; Birthing From Within (had a few chapters I skipped...I'm not super artsy); The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth; Mike's reading The Birth Partner (and we've heard great things); I've read a couple others but I don't remember them so they must not have been that great

Child care books - Happiest Baby on the Block (I've heard about this book the most); Baby Wise; parts of Caring for Your Baby Birth to Age 5; I heard something about Moms on Call and Bringing Up Bebe. I want to read both of those. Ohhh and I accidentally bought Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert (that Buy now with one click button on Amazon is not joking). I'm excited to read it though! I think it will be helpful (or I hope so). 

Any other books I should read???


30-week bumpdate

Helllloooo 3-0. Crazy. Ten week countdown begins now. 

How far along: 30 weeks! Whhhhhhhhatttt????

 Baby Size: head of cabbage. Speaking of cabbage... I read in the book Birthing From Within that you can use cooled cabbage leaves in your bra to help relieve engorged boobies. That's taking cabbage to a whole new level

 Weight gain: 18.6 ibs gained

Maternity clothes: still the same ol stuff. I'm waiting for an excuse to buy something ☺️��

Stretch marks: not yet. Still wondering about the one mark I found though. It has yet to be determined if it's a stretch mark or skin something or other. 

Sleep: sleeping alright. I wake up to switch sides occasionally but overall it's pretty solid. 

Gender:  a little baby girl

Movement: all the time! Sometimes I'm convinced she's trying to break out. She really loves early morning to practice her aquatic flips and turns. While on vacay, mike and I have just laid there and watched her flip and move all over the place. He's so cute. He's jealous that I get to carry her and genuinely wishes he could. I try to encourage him to stare and touch the belly as much as possible to feel and be connected with her. He's going to make such a good dad.

Best moment this week: vacation. Duh. It's been a much needed time alone together. We don't relax easily so in the past we've committed to one weekend away from the house/people to make sure we get time to relax and regroup. Nothing big or fancy...most of the time we stay close to home (b&bs in Durham, chapel hill, etc). It's difficult for us to not do and go when we are home so it's really important to get away and refocus. This was the first time this whole year we've gone away just the two of us and it was veerrryyyy much needed. I'm not ready to go back to real life. 

 looking forward to: we've got our first in-home meeting with our doula this week 

Food cravings:  still nothing. Back to my old self though. No more sugar cravings. No more meat cravings. I just want a big pile of veggies all the time. 

  Anything making you queasy or sick: nope -- although greasy or fried stuff makes me feel like crap but that's not pregnancy related...that's just normal me style

Labor Signs: nah and thank goodness because we're far away from any kind of hospital and I'd prob go into freak out mode

What I miss:  the ability to do anything without a belly getting in the way or getting worn out quickly or being nervous that I'll hurt da babay

Symptoms: a slight waddle and having to moe positions like every 30 minutes

Nursery: nothing new since we've been gone the whole week! 

Belly Button in or out? Same ol

Wedding rings on or off? Still on

Mood:  um great. I'm on vacation. Duh. 


29-week bumpdate

How far along: 29 weeks

 Baby Size: butternut squash

 Weight gain: 123.6ibs total -- total weight gain = 18ibs

Maternity clothes: mostly maternity or maxis. i am obsessed with this tank and this one. I just wish they had more colors!

Stretch marks: not yet but I thought I had one. It's faded as the week has gone on so I'm assuming it's not a stretch mark

Sleep: Wish it was all the time. This week was insanely busy and I did not get enough sleep. When I do sleep though, I'm sleeping fine. I never sleep well on Saturday nights though...not sure what's up with that.

Gender:  girly-o.

Movement: Still moving around a ton. Finally people have gotten to start feeling her too. She used to make a liar out of me and stop moving as soon as I told people she was moving.

Best moment this week: Having a good friend in town, Mallory, and getting to pray with her for our little babe! 

Doing maternity photogs with Mike and taken by the amazing Amanda English Photography. I can't wait to see them! She's a good friend of ours but her and her hubs were seriously such a delight to work with. They made it SO easy! I get super shy in front of a camera (which is why I make funny faces like 98% of the time) but they really made us feel comfortable and gave us great direction! If you're in the area, I'd def recommend using her! Capture your bump (or baby, or family, etc. etc. she does it all)!! 

Passing my SECOND glucola test. I failed the first one and had to go in for the dreadful 3-hour test. I'm not going to lie...I was pretty angry I had to go in for the second one. My first results were 130...the cutoff is 130. And I am still confused how cramming that much sugar  (and who knows that else is in that drink... it is not a natural color..) into ones body is healthy for mom or baby. I asked about 309832084058403 questions and I'm sure the girl drawing my blood was ready to be done with me. I didn't feel at east by any of her answers but I had to let go of my worries. I better not find out in 20 years those tests cause like ADD or something.. 
Picking our doula and birth classes. This has been super difficult for me.... really just navigating the whole "I want to have a natural childbirth" world has been difficult for me. Information hasn't been easy to find/go through/pick. Plus, when I thought we were starting the process early, we quickly found out we were behind.  After several interviews, we selected our doula and will also be taking private classes with her. Super excited about that! We also signed up for this class. Sounds super intriguing! And I want to take a Lamaze class. I view this as anything physical. You don't just up and run a marathon (unless you're the Englishes :)). You train for it. That's how I view labor. It's something we both want to prep, educate and train for. We may be going overboard but I'm OK with that.

Oh and of course, our growing garden. This week we were able to eat out of the garden every day. From lettuce to beets to squash, there was something to enjoy! Here's my cute little stud muffin with our first beets...

looking forward to: Our babymoon to the Outer Banks! I haven't been since 6th grade so it's a whole new world for me! We're just going to relax and take it easy. We are staying in three different spots (Manteo, Buxton and Ocracoke) but have nothing planned except being lazy.

Food cravings:  not a thing. I'm over the sugar cravings though. Been there. Done that.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope and I haven't had heartburn in awhile

Labor Signs: nope

What I miss:  not really anything new. I think at this point I'm just really looking forward to what's to come. I know our lives will look different but it will be a new and good different.

Symptoms: still slowing down. If I don't work out in the morning, there's no way it's happening at night.

Nursery: Oh boy! We finally made progress here! Mike got the crib put together (and I found the original hardware afterwards....WOOPS!) I went to Ikea and picked up a dresser, some shelves, photo frames, etc. Here are a couple shots of the room in progress! 

there will be color, I promise. And plants, yes...there will be plants. Inspiration here and here.

Belly Button in or out? I guess it's out....it is what it is.

Wedding rings on or off? still on

Mood:  This will sound weird to the majority of you, I'm sure BUT I am getting really excited about labor. I just think it's such a cool thing that our bodies were designed for. I know it is hard work and painful but I also feel strongly that I'm capable and that Mike is capable of being an awesome coach.  I'm looking forward to putting some blood, sweat and tears into it. I still have fears around it, trust me, but am hoping to obliterate those before the big day comes ( I think all the classes and having a good support team will def help that). According to our midwife... the things they love to see are sweat, blood, poop, pee and vomit. All GOOD signs, according to her! Can't get ANY more exciting than that, can it?


27-week bumpdate

How far along: 27 weeks
 Baby Size: head of cauliflower (2 ibs; 14.5in longish)

 Weight gain: 122 as of Thursday -- total weight gained is 17 pounds. I only gained one pound in the past month. I was kind of bummed about that and asked if I should eat more (yes, please!) but she said I'm fine with the overall weight gain so not to worry about it. I was hoping for an excuse to eat scones and ice cream at every meal.

Maternity clothes: same old stuff. Still living in a lot of pre-maternity stuff (dresses, skirts, etc)

Stretch marks: not yet. still lubing up. Ps. one jar of that belly stuff seems to last a whole pregnancy. I don't apply it every single day but I do most days. Makes it worth the expense.

Sleep: pretty good. I haven't been waking up to pee this past week (yay!). I still can't get enough sleep. Last night, we went to bed at like 10pm and slept until 8:30am....I could have kept sleeping. Really?

Gender:  Still a girl.....

Movement: She moves around most of the day. She is definitely more active when I am still. I have no idea what she is doing in there but I'm convinced she's going to be a ninja.

Best moment this week:  Warning...there are quite a few:
Spending our 6th annual Memorial Day weekend with our friends, Joe and Lauren. This was our first year with addition number 1 -- their baby! Can NOT wait for next year as our two little babes get to play together. It's so fun to see how each year our vacation changes as our families change. I love it and can't wait for years and years of it to come!
Touring the hospital. We are delivering at Duke Regional. We're crazy, I know. We're driving 45min when we literately have 3-4 hospitals within 10 minutes of us. But it was really important to us to have a midwife deliver and that was what my insurance covered at the time. We both really liked the hospital. It was so much nicer than the other ones we had toured close to our house and really made us excited about it. The rooms are huge and actually pretty homey (they hide any medical stuff in like dressers and furniture), there are some cool amenities,  etc. etc. They also always used the words obstetrician and midwife interchangeably so that was comforting.

Mike's best moment was getting kicked in the back by Baby A while we were sleeping. He's smitten already with her. He's going to be in T.R.O.U.B.L.E when she comes out.

Getting the invitation for my baby shower that was so freaking cute, I might add. EEK! I can't wait to have all of my favorite people in one spot. And I love my sweet, sweet friends throwing it. They're the bestest ever -- thanks Anna, Lauren and Yazz!! Love yall!

 looking forward to: Having our appointments more frequently and interviewing doulas. We found one that also does the Bradley course that we're interested in so I'm hoping she is a perfect match for us! 

Food cravings:  Fresh fruit. My craving for sweets and carbs has left the building. Although I did buy a carton of chocolate Oreo cookies and cream ice cream last night. I couldn't resist though... Cookies and cream is my favorite and with chocolate. that's like straight up gloriousness.

  Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Labor Signs: nope

What I miss:  Tough workouts. I just don't feel like I have the energy to do it but I do miss it.

Symptoms: It is hard to get out of our bed (is that a symptom???). Our bed is super high to begin with -- the top of our mattress is at my waist so now I just tuck and roll kind of thing. Mike joked last night about building me a little step stool but I'm hoping that wasn't a joke.

Nursery: bought a couple baskets for storage and confused myself about how I want to decorate the nursery because I fell in love with Rikshaw Designs  crib collection...

Belly Button in or out? the top part is out...the bottom is still in.

Wedding rings on or off? On and totally forgot I wanted to take my sizing beads off. I guess I'll do that some day.

Mood:  I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I'm freaked out and get overwhelmed by the thought of raising a human. I'm really excited to meet her though. Oh and let's just say I was super stressed this week about all the things we NEED (aka I want) to get done and haven't yet. As my friend Jackie said... that's called nesting.