38-week bumpdate

How far along: 38 weeks, 2 days (I'm not very good anymore about posting these on the actual day of the new week. Oh well.)

Baby Size: about the size of a leek. Leeks are pretty long and skinny.... interesting comparison, once again.

Weight gain: 26 ibs. (I go to to the doc today so I'll update that afterwards)

Maternity clothes: Bathing suit, gym clothes, dresses. I tried to wear maternity shorts last night to dinner and oh man, not comfortable. They felt like they were squeezing her head or something. I'll stick to the dresses at this point. I am impressed by all the winter pregnant ladies. From putting on layers to wearing pants -- they're amazing. I can't wear pants without being a big ol baby about it.

Stretch marks: nope and hoping they don't pop up in the last two weeks.. that would really kind of suck.

Sleep: Pretty good. I have to cocoon myself in between Mike and pillows and put one in between my knees to sleep but as long as I do that, I'm out all night (minus the occasional 3am bathroom break). I'm back to not being able to sleep enough. 12 hours. Bring it ON!

Gender:  Girly-o. We finally sat down Monday night and came up with names and were for once serious about choosing one. Some of the final names were - Beckett, Riley, Harper, Olivia "Olive" and Keely. I think we finally made up our mind to stay with Olivia Grace but she'll go by Olive. Olivia gives her some options in case she wants to be real serious like or something as an adult. Beckett is the second runner up (so we are at least a step ahead for the next kid if it's a girl). Don't hold me to anything though -- I've been known to change my mind at the last minute.

Movement: She's still pretty active but not as wham bam! It's more like, ' ughh mom..I'm cramped and I want to stretch out.' My response....'come on out and you can stretch as much as you want :)!"

Best moment this week: Spending the evening brainstorming names with Mike! It was all his idea and I'm so thankful he did it. We got some delicious ice cream and sat around for like two hours coming up with name combinations and vetoing/picking ones. 

Almost completing the nursery! Only a few more touches and it is done. My goal is to finish it up today basically. I just have two more prints to put up and my air plants to hang. Once my cute little pinch pots are done, then I'll add those! eeek! yay!

looking forward to: Having a baby! Oh man, waiting is so hard. You feel like a ticking time bomb and that at any moment something could happen. I am trying to relax and take the next little while to just chill but it does help to keep myself preoccupied and not focused on every little twinge here and there. I'm so curious what she is going to look like, be like, all that. I can't believe it is almost here. What da heck!

Food cravings:  No cravings. They've all left the building. Although I do love not cooking, so anything that doesn't require work...does that count :).

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Labor Signs: I think I've had Braxton Hicks. They aren't painful but I'm guessing I've had them.

What I miss:  Hmmm, I'd have to say mountain biking. And, I probably have a while to go with that one still. Unless of course, we have some lovely family and friends that want to watch a babe so we can go ride some trails for an hour. Anyone??

Symptoms: Waddling. Nuff said.

Nursery: The map came in finally (aka I finally bit the bullet and ordered it) so we've got that hung up and I ordered my air plants (another purchase I was having trouble making). Goal today is to get the air plants hung and the picture frames filled. 

Mobile - Ikea
Crib - PB (hand-me-down)
Frame - Ikea
Map - Society6

Belly Button in or out? same old

Wedding rings on or off? On. Never had to take my beads off either. I will say, I am pretty amazed at that. Do you wear your rings in labor? Or should I leave them at home? Sometimes when I work out and it's hot, my fingers swell. I'm assuming I'll be hot, sweaty and it's definitely a work out during labor.

Mood:  Really good....just anxious. I'm trying to just enjoy the now and take this time to work on little projects I've been wanting to do for a long time or just read and relax and do a whole lot of nothing. I am anxious though, which is allowing a little fear for a natural birth to set in. I just have to keep on reading books about labor and affirming myself that I'm made to do this.


  1. Anonymous15.8.14

    You are the cutest! I say leave those rings at home. A friend of mine had to have hers cut off. :/ - Catherine

  2. I have really loved keeping up with your pregnancy through your blog!! You are so dear and sweet, and that belly of yours compliments you well. Good luck with the birth! I'm sure you will do awesome!! I am curious to know how your natural birth goes. I've thought for a long time I'd go that route since my mom birthed all 10 of her bambinos naturally, but I still like asking around to get different perspectives. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. One of God's miraculous inventions. You're made to do this. ;-)

    Your little girl is going to come out to meet her mommy and Daddy no matter what decisions you make for her journey out.


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