26-week bumpdate

How far along: 26 weeks or 6 1/2 months

 Baby Size: head of lettuce (~2ibs & ~14in)

 Weight gain: 15ibs at last appt

Maternity clothes: bought two new workout tanks from Gap. They're amazingly soft. Mikes sister is pregnant too (due 2 weeks before us) and she recommended them. I'm kinda obsessed and wish they had more colors. 

Stretch marks: not yet. I thought I spotted one but it disappeared in the night so it must have been a scratch or something. 

Sleep: pretty good. I haven't been waking up a ton-- Just can't get enough. 

Gender:  girly-o.

Movement: mostly at night when I lay down. There was a day where she didn't move much and it freaked me out. Mike prayed the next morning for her to move that day and she was a jiggle monster all day. Def made me feel much better to have her running around in there. 

Best moment this week: date night that included sushi (no raw), an alcohol less pineapple-jalepeno mojito and an outdoor movie downtown. It was such a nice and relaxing night with all our fav things. And a good reminder to make date nights a priority after babe comes. 

Spending some time with my sister. I am really going to miss having her and the family around. I loved being able to sit at the pool with her and just talk for hours. I missed that more than I knew. 

Getting our stroller! I feel like that's been such an ordeal for us to decide on but it's finally here and we're happy with the Bob. We both LOVE the Bumbleride but at the end of the day I don't think it's made for longer distance runs, especially on rougher paths, and that's something we need. Plus it looks like it can handle me and my lack of being careful/gentle. 

 looking forward to: mike-- getting the baby room more ready
Me: our appt next on Thursday. I have the infamous glucose test, which I'm really nervous about for some reason, but ready to get it over and done with. 

Food cravings:  apples and peanut butter and fresh fruit. I really cannot wait for watermelon season. 

  Anything making you queasy or sick: nopers

Labor Signs: nah

What I miss:  hmmm not really anything new

Symptoms: growing belly. I did have a lot of headaches and felt rundown this week but that could hve been stress related. 

Nursery: took the big bed out of the nursery and brought down the crib. Next weeks goal is to get that sucker set up. 

Belly Button in or out? I guess 1/2 out. It looks out in shirts but it's mostly just the top part that sticks out. Or I'm in denial. One of those 

Wedding rings on or off? On and my sizing beads are still in but I may have them removed once it gets consistently hot so that I don't wake up one day with big ol swollen hot hands and no way to get them off.

Mood:  good. I'm getting more excited and lovey dovey or w/e towards my belly. She feels like a real little human in there. I can't wait to see what her personality is like.


  1. You'd be so proud we finally planted our garden in the back. Obviously your image in the garden with your cute little made me think that I should tell you. (:

    1. Love it!!! I am SO proud and can't wait to see your garden!


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