22 week bumpdate

(it was cold and gross and rainy this weekend, sooooo yeah)
How far along: 22 weeks (yes I missed week 21.... it happens)

Baby Size: spaghetti squash (11 in, 1 ib.)
 Weight gain: 116 at the last doc appt -- next one in a week

Maternity clothes: I need some. Starting to get tired of wearing the same things. Bore-ing. I did find some shorts finally. Gap had 40% off so.... I splurged.
Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep:  Pretty good lately. Haven't been waking up as much. Although I did wake up this morning to a little nugget kicking around. Early bird!

Gender: Girl! ahhhhh. so crazy to finally know. She still gets the proverbial 'it' often however. We will learn.

Movement: feeling it most days. Some days more than others. I love watching her do whatever she's doing in there. I wish I could actually see inside Teletubby style (tv on my belly where I can view in would be awesome). I tried to get a video but every time I do, she stops. She knows... dun dun dun

Best moment this week: Finding out the gender (technically last week but whatever). It really was so much fun to do a gender reveal

Looking forward to: Having her here. I know, I know. I should cherish this time right now but  I feel like I'm in the engaged state before getting married. Let's get this show going! Bring on the baby (full-term though)
Food cravings: Nothing really. I did crave Brueggers last night so we went for breakfast today. It was amazeballs. But then really made me want Bodo's bagels in Charlottesville

  Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Labor Signs: Not that I'm aware of

What I miss:  good/hard work outs. I can't run longer than a mile without having to pee and pretty sure I'll wind up on Nextdoor (neighborhood-based website) if I pop a squat in the neighborhood. Plus I'm starting to feel like a little weakling. I want to do like a boot camp or something but pretty sure I'd suck at it right now.

Symptoms: not really anything...my back is uncomfortable feeling (scheduled a chiropractor appt and getting a massage soon..holler) but I've always had back issues so not sure that's 100% pregger related

Nursery: oh hey, nothing...again. Sorry chick, you may just be camping out with us in our bedroom your whole life.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On 

Mood:  Excited and impatient. Knowing that she's a she has really made her seem more real to me. I'm just ready to see her face and hold her and change her nasty poopy diapers and stay up all night. Weird.

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  1. Hey Girl! I just started following you this Spring and I love your blog! Even more so I love that you guys are having a baby girl:) there's nothing like it nor will ever compare to having a baby. Congratulations! Pregnancy looks great on you!


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