It's a...

Girl!! (or Goyle, as Mike's nephew calls it) 

Our gender reveal shindig was awesome. So much fun. I would do it again (or recommend it to parents about to find out). It felt so much more intimate being in our own home and surrounded by those we love. It also created a lot of fun and excitement around the whole thing. I know when you find out the day the baby pops out there's tons of excitement to be had but since we weren't waiting, this helped make it a memorable moment.  

No one knew (including us) the gender. Mom and I dropped off two bags of confetti (blue and pink) and the ultrasound at Party City. They did the rest. It was so fun to find out with our family and closest friends, eat low country boil, drink bloody marys (I stuck to virgins...) and hang out. 

 my awesome mom decorated the place with her amazing handmade banners and tassles

 mike's mom made the cake.. not only was it so freaking cute but that sucker tasted like straight up gloriousness
straight down the middle

 majority wins!

 time for the reveal!

 found this gem on our camera. Mike was obviously super excited! There were like 4 of these 'celebrating' pics.

We really can't wait to meet the little girl. It's been hard to transition from 'it' to 'she' but the more I acknowledge HER, the more I really start to feel like there's a little baby girl in there. I was slightly terrified when I jumped forward to ages 13-21 but realized worry does me no good. All I can do is pray for her future and her heart (and pray that she is nothing like me during those years). Eeeeek a little girl. I've already picked out a cute little camelbak pack and some hiking boots :)! With all the kicking and karate chops going on in there, I'm rooting for a little outdoorsy chick (but I'll love her even if she's a total girly girl..duh.... I just may need some help...Anna...Amanda...Mallory...).


  1. HAHA That last picture was a hoot. You go Mike! Celebrate while you can!!
    Hey, I just realized I didn't get a bloody mary! Do Over!

  2. Awww congrats! My wife and I are having a girl as well. In almost less than om month!!! I agree with you on the gender reveal party, having your closest family and friends around are truly amazing. Cannot wait to see pictures of your daughter!

  3. Loved these photos! So fun! I also liked all of the old wives tail. I would like to be invited to the first tea party. ;) I can't wait!

  4. Anonymous22.4.14

    Love. And yes I'll help with the frills. But not too frilly. :) Love her already!

  5. EEEEK. I am smiling from ear-to-ear at the photo of Mike at the end. Oh my goodness. So wish we could've been there to see it all in person but am so thankful you captured it all in photos and I can pretend. :) Just makes my heart giddy. And ummm ... you and Mike having anything BUT an outdoorsy chick would only be an act of God (which, is possible, ha! but definitely not probable). Love you and baby girl Arrigo SOOO much it kinda hurts. :)


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