20 week bumpdate

And because I couldn't resist....

How far along: 20 weeks 

Baby Size: banana.. I can't remember the length from the appointment but the nugget weighs in around 12oz (chunk butt)
 Weight gain: 116 -- gained 10 pounds since the beginning
Maternity clothes: still half and half; I have about 5 maternity tops so they are getting a lot of use. I'm having trouble finding shorts -- any ideas on where to find these? Target shorts are too big (durn). Gap is kind of pricey. 
Stretch marks: Nope but I've got some lovely cellulite now under my butt. Got to love that :\

Sleep:  I started waking up at 3am on the dot this past week. Wide awake. No bueno. Haven't been getting the best sleep unless I am just straight up worn out.

Gender: We find out tomorrow!! The ultrasound technician seemed to be able to find out so not sure if that means something...everyone seems to think it will be a boy now since they could tell. 24 hours to go and we will know!

Movement: Feeling movement every day. I love it. It's so comforting because before you had no idea and if it was still OK or not until your next appointment. It also is just cool -- makes me feel more connected and like I'm touching it or something weird like.

Best moment this week: Anatomy ultrasound. Loved getting to see the face (even though 3D ultrasounds look creepy to me). Praising God for a healthy baby with all its parts. We are very very grateful to have received a good report with no abnormalities  from the ultrasound.

Sneak peak from the inside below....

Looking forward to: gender revealing it up tomorrow with our family (we will miss you Lauren & Joe!!)

Food cravings: Still craving sweets....it will be the death of me. Oh, and a new one this week.... MEAT and Bojangles. For those of you that aren't familiar with my eating habits, I don't really eat meat (like we prob haven't bought it for ourselves in like 2 years). And, I don't eat fast food because it kills my stomach. Soooo that's been kind of weird. We bought chicken AND bacon all in one week....its gettin cray-zay over here.

  Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of a dirty sponge. random I know but I have banned sponges from our house. They stink in like 2 days. Ew.

Labor Signs: Nope

What I miss:  mountain biking...it's getting warmer now and I know riding tougher trails are probably not a wise idea. I know I can ride smoother trails but its just not nearly as fun without switchbacks and obstacles.

Symptoms: so freaking tired.

Nursery: nothing this week.....

Belly Button in or out? In in in.

Wedding rings on or off? On 

Mood:  Thankful for a growing baby & excited. I have butterflies because I can't wait to find out tomorrow.  It feels like Christmas. As silly as a gender reveal party may sound or seem, it's been good for me. As I mentioned before, I was not baby crazed before getting pregnant and we got pregnant pretty quick, so even though I am extremely thankful to be having a baby.... I am also very aware (and not totally thrilled) of all the changes. Let's just say I don't have that super excited, so in love attitude yet (that's really hard to admit but it's the truth). Having something build up some excitement and celebrating with our family has really been good for me emotionally.

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