19 week bumpdate

How far along: 19 weeks 

Baby Size: An heirloom tomato (yum...) -- 8 1/2 oz & 6in

Weight gain: haven't stepped on a scale since last doc appointment. We have an appt today so I'll have an update next time in this department
Maternity clothes: Mainly maternity pants or pants with the belly band. One pair of skinnies still fit so I was happy about that! I think they're so low that my growing belly doesn't matter. I can still wear pre-maternity tops but wanting an excuse to add some additional pieces to the wardrobe

Stretch marks: Nope, still slathering on my delish Honest, Co. belly butter
Sleep: sleeping ok. Starting to wake up more in the night to pee

Gender: We find out April 12 with our family and closest friends. YAY!
Movement: Felt the first moves! It was so cool. We were  laying in bed Sunday morning and I noticed it. It's so faint still that I can only notice it if I'm still or laying down. Mike was able to feel it too!

Best moment this week: From the mouth of both mommy and daddy, feeling the nugget move. I'm pretty sure we have a little acrobat in there.
Looking forward to: Our appointment this afternoon -- we get to hear the heartbeat again today!
Food cravings: Sweets & breakfast. I had a meltdown and cursed sugar. It's so freaking addicting and I can't stop wanting it. Cursed sugar!

  Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Labor Signs: Nope
What I miss:  sitting on the back porch drinking a bottle of wine with Mike after a long day
Symptoms: belly popping out; stuffy nose (allergies I'm sure are contributing to that one), back pains

Nursery: FINALLY cleared out the closet. It is now just baby stuff in there.

Belly Button in or out? In! YAY!

Wedding rings on or off? On 

Mood: Happy! This past weekend there was this big realization that 'oh crap. our lives are about to seriously change and we'll have to give more thought to things like going to weddings, camping, etc' but I'm OK with that. I will miss the simplicity of the stage we are in now but I know we want a family and I'll never be fully ready anyway until he/she is here. Plus, I'm determined to live simply... we'll see how that goes ;). 

Getting rid of workouts because I can't remember what I do and I'm not diligent enough to write it down during the week.

Other ramblings: We're trying to think of a trip to go on pre-baby... a babymoon, if you will. Found great deals for Jamaica but I'd be like 30 weeks along. Too far? Too risky? If that doesn't work, any suggestions in the Outer Banks? I haven't been aside from the ol' middle school field trip but don't know where to look.

Crib mattress -- recommendations? I don't want something drenched in chemicals but can't find anything reasonable.


  1. You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love, love that you're standing barefoot in your garden. :) Love reading these.

  2. Blog-stalking...

    We got our crib and mattress from IKEA (because we're not fancy). Can't remember the name (it's all Swedish to us!), but it was the foam one, I believe. I laid down on it, and it was comfy, so we went with that one. Well, not that one (it had had a pregnant lady lying down on it!), but another one of that style.

  3. You're adorable!

    Nags Head is a great spot in the Outer Banks! Love it and happy to provide recos!


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