about dinner...

I'm not one to follow a recipe. Usually I just create things from what I have laying around the house. Add my own little flair here and a touch of seasoning there.

Cilantro should never meet your typical bowl of chili. Ever.

First off, chili takes forever to make when you're using dried beans. So you're starving by the time it's ready. And if you burn it (like I did), well...you're screwed. Unless, you try to revive it like I did and add a crap ton of other stuff, including cilantro. Big mistake. Like horrible, bad, gross, what-were-you-thinking mistake.

Then you try to serve it to your boyfriend at the time. Second major mistake. He feels too bad to tell you he feels like he's licking sewage drainage and continues to eat it instead. And, you're too proud to admit that it sucks so you down a bowl too and freeze the remaining for a rainy day. Third AND fourth mistake.

Moral of the story: sometimes dinner just needs to be trashed. Let go of your pride, grab a few bucks and go get dinner elsewhere. And never add cilantro to burnt chili (it won't fix the situation).  Your husband/boyfriend will love you ten times more if you don't make him eat it.

So there's your mistake for today's Blogtember post. Enjoy some non-burnt, cilantroless chili!

or if this made you hungry for chili (like it weirdly enough did me), try this chili with cilantro by using an actual recipe

Domestic Charm - Vegetarian Chili


  1. Haha, oh no! At least it makes for a good story. :) And that vegetarian chili with cilantro does look delicious! The stupidest cooking mistake I ever made was when we were first married and we were low on groceries, so I thought I would just heat up some canned soup for dinner. After tasting it, Riley told me it was condensed soup and I was supposed to add water. Haha, I felt so stupid. I guess I had never had condensed soup before...

  2. Anonymous26.9.13

    Such a great memory and a funny story. That vegetarian chilli does look amazing.


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