a little piece of my mind from another seat

This will probably feel a little like a Dear Diary post. Who are we kidding though; it basically is one. Get ready for a little mind barf :). 

I've chosen to bunk up at the neighborhood Starbucks. I would typically choose a local coffee shop but I needed a longer walk to clear my head and I had a gift card (thank you Jessica!). Gift card won but mind ended up contunuining running at it's normal  a hundred a mile a minute speed so no win there. 

And if you haven't guessed it yet, I, of course, selected the prize winning pumpkin spice latte (and a cookie..dont judge). I remember the days when this beaut wasn't the online craze it now is. Hard to believe there was such a thing, huh? Pumpkins must feel like a million dollars. They are for sure the most popular item of all seasons. They're like the Madonna of food.  I adore them, as well. They're cute, come in all colors and shapes and make the most fab treats. I'd eat them any time of the year (although, I confess eating pumpkin pancakes in the heat of summer just feels wrong). 

Anyway, not here to blab about punkins. More so to dive into my broken heart (I warmed you this was a diary post). I'm broken hearted to leave our neighborhood. I love it. We can walk to restaurants, bars, coffee shops, our favorite park; the neighborhoods are adorable with lots of character; being greeted by the neighborhood cat that we've named Big Kitty (Mr. Tim is his actual name...); I love our neighbors; I can walk to Logan's (local garden shop) on a bad day and get a good dose of flowers; having picnics in the park across from our home; the list goes on. I am seriously fighting back tears thinking about what I love most about our neighborhood. The group of high schoolers across from me would really like that one. Crying Starbucks chick.  I'd wind up all over social media, I'm sure. 

As much as I love our neighborhood, I'm really excited for this next chapter. It will be different but there are so many things to love... We already have lots of friends in the neighborhood; having a garden in the ground (and not in our driveway); having a yard even if it is humble; pool, volleyball courts, gym, tennis courts (need I say more); having a garage to store stuff and build stuff; only two miles from downtown; having our first real home and making it ours; decorating; yard work (weird but I love it); meeting new people and developing relationships with them; new territory to explore; still walking distance to stuff (just different, more chainy stuff that I might not ever use....but still!). The list goes on. I really am super pumped about it and just go back and forth between excitment and sadness. In an hour I won't even be thinking about our current hood but dreaming about the new place. 

It's bittersweet. I love both so much but it's just hard having to say goodbye to one. Plus, I suppose its time to grow up and be a big girl, right? They say you get married, buy a house, have kids. I'm not typically one to follow standards but dayum, that seems to be what's happening.

 What's next? Kids? Mayyyybbeeee. 

What were your biggest hold ups about change, whether it be a new job or new house? 

Well that's what you get when you take me out of my typical seat. Happy Blogtember! 

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  1. AS much of an anxiety ridden person as I am, big decisions such as moving 1,000 miles away to a place where I knew no one... meeting Joe... moving to Raleigh... getting married... buying a house.... those things never really stressed me out. Bitter sweet and sometimes sad to leave things yes, but change does equate to growth. I never really feared any of those things though which is quite shocking... Now thing about children terrifies me. :) That just tells me it's not the right thing, right now. Or it's just Satan dancing in my head. ;)

    You are going to love home ownership and new beginnings!


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