a love letter to my beloved husband

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My sweet, sweet husband,

On our two year anniversary...

I am so thankful for you;

for your excited spirit and positive attitude

for always making me smile, even through tears

for leading our family and taking risks that you feel called to

for being the absolute best teammate

for always being so completely selfless

for your entrepreneurial and creative spirit

for leading me and encouraging my relationship with Christ

for building forts for us to eat dinner in

for taking me on countless picnics

for dancing me with so hard that our hips, necks, legs and every other part of our body hurts the next day

for laughing with me when I'm not funny

for forgiving me when I'm not kind

for giving me a million chances

and never holding anything against me

for loving me and seeing only perfection

and never setting me up to fail

for your commitment to your vows

and always standing by them and us.

I have learned so much from you, as your wife. You show me daily what it means to love like Christ. To enjoy and take hold of every moment. How to treat those in your life and to approach the future. You've taught me to look at the bright side and to let go. That I'm not my own redeemer but that Christ is. That no matter how hard I work at something, it's not me doing it. He is. All through your leadership.

I commit to you to be the best wife I can be. To love you and fight for you every single day. To encourage, support and follow you.  To grow with you and learn from you. To respect you. Always. To laugh with you, have fun with you and find the good, even when we feel like we're drowning. I promise to always be on your side, on your team. And to never set you up for failure.

Thank you for two insanely fun, full and wild years and a future filled with many more amazing years. I know that we will have challenges and tough times, but the joy will outweigh the pain.

You're the stuffing to my turkey.

I love you,
your bride


  1. Anonymous24.9.13

    Beautiful. Love you to pieces. Happy Anniversary Arrigo's! :)

  2. That was too wonderful for comment. Except one...Forts to eat dinner in? Id like to hear more about that one. I can hear the giggling..
    Love you two!

  3. Very sweet and well written Cess :) Cheers to many years ahead!

  4. Love this sweetness! So wonderful to see how in love you two are. We have been married for almost 9 years and I wouldn't change a thing. Their are ups and downs, but I love my husband more and more each day! Happy Anniversary you two!! xoxo


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