We meet again!

You know that feeling when you've stopped going to the gym and a week rolls by, which turns into two weeks, one month, six months, and you're trying to get the guts up to go again but it seems like it's impossible. You tell yourself you'll start tomorrow or you can't start today because you can't go tomorrow. You feel like a failure, you're embarrassed or it just seems too hard to get back into that routine. Poor excuses -- guilty as charged!

That's how I feel. I've been wanting to jump back into blogging but too much time has gone by since my last post. So I can't blog anymore? Logic is where here? Maybe working 50+ hours a week, managing a husband and home and vacations are good excuses. Maybe it's OK that there was a lot going on and things are different. And even now I'm posting to justify and make myself feel better about starting. I could have just picked up where I left off.

Sometimes we're just too hard on ourselves and we set extremely high expectations for what we can do and how well we have to do it in order to even give it a try..give it a fresh start. Or,  we expect the first step to be perfect. Unwilling to settle for anything less. So many times this mentality keeps me from growing - growing as a wife, as a friend, as a Christ follower. I get stuck in the rut of 'I'll start it tomorrow' or 'if I can't commit and be 100% 100% of the time, then I might as well not at all.' And I miss out on living parts of my life. I miss out on some additional messes and failures. Failures are opportunities for us to learn and grow. Failures are steps in the right direction.

Well needless to say, I'm back. And life has taken a 180 degree flip. We've been traveling for the past few months and are now starting another whirlwind of visitors and travel. I left the corporate world to re-prioritize my role as a wife and small business owner (still in the works... expecting Spring 2014) and am figuring my way around toilets, licensing and schedules.

Lots of updates and changes coming your way. Until then, here's a sneak peak of what we've been up to:

 We made our way to Africa,
then New York to visit friends,

then Maui (from work)

a little bit of relaxing... and a lot of gardening

making memories with friends,

and enjoying every moment with family. 
 I mean seriously, how could you not with a face like that!


  1. So excited to hear about your new food truck adventure :)

    We are in the business process as well but not foody!

  2. The 'managing a husband' is a job in itself!!! HAHA! That made me laugh. ;) I'm excited to hear about your new adventure! I wish that my husband would let me re-prioritize to start my own biz! None the less, I will be working two jobs for now. ;) PS - I expect Friday lunch dates now. FYI


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