25 days

25 days until we board the plane to head to Africa. Ahhh! I can't believe it. It is here. reality. really happening. Not just like a thought, an idea, nope.. real life.

Pinch me please. And.. again. As much as it's sunk in, it hasn't. Catch my drift?

OK to so date...

we've gotten our shots ( you heard my weirdo story there)

we've started packing things we think would be useful for the trip
      - quick dry underwear (for me) and socks (for him)
      - mosquito repellent. We had JustNeem repellent (the best stuff), which is for our skin, and Sawyer Permethrin spray for our clothes. Mosquito love Mike. He can't walk out to check the weather without getting bit. It's bad so we're going a little overboard to try and protect him from being miserable and itchy.
      - head lamps (the power goes off after a certain time or isn't too reliable at times)... kudos for registering for these guys when we got married!
     - quick dry towel
     - travel size toiletries
     - sunscreen.. Badger all the way
     - journal and Bible
     - meds... We have Malaria pills, stomach issue meds, aspririn... do we need Dramamine?

we're trying to figure out what we need to buy or other things that would be useful:
     - quick, packaged snacks (mostly for Mike since he'll be doing a lot of hard labor and dinner won't happen until late... like 8 or 9)
     - long skirts/dresses... why do I only own ONE!? I can't find one for the life of me now.
     - shoes .... thoughts? Anyone know what would be best to take. I heard flipflops were considered house shoes

I'm lost when it comes to what we need. Any of you that have been to Africa, what type of clothing/shoes did you find most useful/comfortable?  For travelers, what are your go-to, cant-travel-without items?  

we still have a little bit of support left to raise and thank  you notes to write (or in this case... put addresses on and SEND!)  When we started this journey, in my mind I thought we'd be paying for most of it. Oh, me of little faith. The whole money part of it almost destroyed the trip. I was so overwhelmed by the cost, where the funds would come from, etc. I took God out of the picture and basically decided He couldn't provide for this. Oh boy, was I wrong. God provided quicker and more than I ever thought. He brought forward support from all over the place. It was incredible. I still can't even think about it without tearing up. It's been extremely amazing to see how God works and that I can't even TRY to take control or credit for it. This has totally been a God thing. I can't even begin to thank those that have supported us, whether financially, emotionally or in prayer. It has seriously been extremely humbling and I am in awe of all our supporters, their hearts and how amazing our God is. We feel extremely loved and blessed! We love and thank yall!!

and a little packing inspiration...


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  2. So excited for you guys. I hope to one day do a trip like this.

  3. I'm so excited for you guys and am glad we could be a part of it! You guys are going to do great things out there! Please keep us on your prayer chain!!! xoxo

  4. So I haven't thought of any of this!! Really glad you wrote this so now I know what to start looking for, hehe. And quick dry undies - do we really need these??


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