debt free and bald

We got rid of a lot of things last week... debt and Mike's hair!

When we got married, I had student loans out my wazoo, Mike had a new shiny car to pay off and we had a little bit of wedding debt (not a ton because of our generous parents but just a little).  Our plan from day one was to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Debt looms over me. I feel enslaved to it, overwhelmed by it. Not healthy feelings. So it was important for us to set big goals and just get rid of it. And we did... 14 months later.

How we did it:

We started off small. We followed-ish Dave Ramsey's plan (pay off the smallest loans first). After the first loan was paid off, we got a little excited and started paying each loan off in full (or almost full) until they were all paid off. We lived off one person's salary for the past few months in order to put more money towards getting everything paid off. It was a sacrifice but we def weren't living off rice and beans ...more like kale and eggplant :). With each one paid off, we felt more momentum to get these loans gone and out of the way.Oddly enough, it was fun..well kind of.

Mike was the cutest. We decided to just bite the bullet and pay off the last of what was remaining instead of dragging it over into the next month. We were getting our weekly groceries and figured a celebration was in order... wine, cheese, dessert... you know, the whole shebang! As we indulged in our goodies, Mike made a toast... which started with, " I want to give a toast... let's high five!" Anyway, we're excited. Now on to more fun things and lots of money to spend ;)....right???

For the more amusing news... Mike went bald! His company supports St. Baldricks and called in a barber last Thursday to shave all the willing heads. Mike was one of them. For those of you that don't know Mike, Mike has had the SAME barber cut his hair since he was ten. He has branched out in the past few months but this was a big deal for him to do. Plus have you seen the dude's hair.. there's a ton of it! I was proud wifey. I went to watch (duh!) and almost freaked after the first swoop right through the middle. But it looked pretty good after it was all said and done.

It was really cool so see a group of men lined up to shave their heads in support of kids fighting cancer.. definitely warms the heart. And major kudos to his company and coworkers for putting it together and getting everyone involved.

Now for the baldy pics....

before aka mop head

now you see why i freaked out a little inside.....

halfway there

almost there

done! me and my baldy man

 the things I learned about having a husband with no hair... they need to be moisturized (whodathunkit?)

and one week later..


  1. That's awesome! Prepare yourself for a 30 year loom of a mortgage. lol! ;)

  2. SO proud of y'all and your incredible perseverance!! ROCK ON ARRIGO'S!!! :) Mike also pulls off the bald-head look very well. Go Mike!!

  3. BAHHH this is so cool. Very happy for y'all!! You guys are so wise and awesome. And yayyy mikey for shaving that head.

  4. That's awesome!!! We've just realized we need to STOP with the credit cards and really focus on paying them off so it sounds like I need to investigate Mr. Ramsey a bit for our life now too!! Go mike too!! My girl friend shaves her head too and it's amazing!

  5. Congratulations to you both! I am so thrilled for you guys. Thanks for sacrificing your sweet 'do for another, Mike! Don't stop ROCKIN'! ;)


  6. this is awesome, congrats on getting out of debt! we just got married last march (coming up on one year!) and bought a house then too...so we accumulated a little wedding debt also, and just credit card debt with new house expenses. i have heard of the ramsey approach and think i need to get on board. i also have a car payment and student loans (my husband has neither! but needs a new car soon!)

    p.s. love your glasses!


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