maxis, wedges & bags; oh my!

This week, I've been dreaming of hangers, dressing rooms and overflowing shopping bags. I've had a massive craving to shop - like buy anything that hangs, folds or sparkles kind of craving. A craving for new wedges, jean jackets, maxi dresses, purses of every shape, fedoras, corals and tangerines, & _______ {fill in the blank with your wildest because I'm prob buckling at the knees to buy it}.

Needless to say, I'm keeping my wallet as far away as possible and trying to convince myself the craving will subside. some day soon. {I hope!}. Until then.. Pinterest and Polyvore will save me.

a FEW of my current cravings:

wish list


  1. Love those shoes and hat! Great styles girl ! Loving your blog!

  2. Oh my I love all of this! Great picks! xoxo A-


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