gettin' romantic

Friday {which was a long, long, long, long, long day}, I walked into our house from work and what did I find?  Two bikes sitting in our living room and two bags packed {and an adorable, eager husband}. SURPRISE! We were going on a picnic. Everything was packed and ready to go. This is what awesome feels like. And, I really am a super lucky gal.

We biked to our favorite spot, Fletcher Park, laid out our well-loved-red-wine-soiled picnic blanket and feasted away while we talked about the future, what makes us feel loved and little bits of other goodies.

Mike and I are currently in a young marrieds small group. We are reading men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti by Bill and Pam Farrel. Our homework for this week was to do something romantic together {ps. that's what my hand says}, which Mike did perfectly! Although the book has some super cheesy ideas {walk around the mall and smell perfumes together} it does have some great concepts and ideas. I'd recommend it for you married folks out there to read together. {they have a version for singles too}

This past week's lesson was about romancin' yo lova! Here are a few tips and tricks for your man:

1. Connect with something he feels successful in/enjoys. Does he have a hobby that you aren't particularly interested in? Take an interest in it with him. Get decked out for a game and watch it with him. Go for a motorcycle ride with him or join him at a Harley show {biker chick hair and all ;)}. Guys like to do things they are good at. Build him up by commenting on how great he is at x,y,z. Oh, and sex. He most always likes that :).
ps. we should ALWAYS be building our men up even if they aren't good at something {I am the worst at this. Def need to do more of this}

2. 'Romance is knowing your lover" Become a student to your man. Learn what he likes, doesn't like. Each person is different and requires different ways of being romanced. Romance takes effort and practice. Don't give up after one big flop.

3. Make it a point to think of your man romantically during the day. Sneak in the closet and smell one of his sweaters. Keep a photo of him at your office or on your phone. Randomly call him to say 'i love you' during the day. Think of a special intimate time together after the hustle and bustle of the day but before you get home so you are out of work mode and in wife mode.

4. Have each of you make a list of dream dates and cheap dates. Hang both lists up somewhere where you both can be reminded of it. This will be awesome to pull from when you want to surprise him with something that truly makes him happy. {especially if you are as forgetful as I am}

5. Create anticipation. Send him a risque text during the day about what will happen that night. Ooo la la! Send him cards in the mail each day leading up to a big vacation or anniversary. Buy new lingerie but have him open it at a point during the day when you aren't around.

6. Set the mood. Candles make the world of a difference {and they make you feel sexy}. Spritz on a new scent or one that he loves. Slip into something sexy. One of Mike's favorite romantic gestures was setting up an indoor picnic surrounded by candles with finger foods and bubbly {the catch: the other person was the only one that could feed you}. It was awesome. I do suggest.

6. INVEST in your relationship and the romance. Set aside some money in your budget each month for romantic things - whether it's new lingerie, a trip to a local bed and breakfast for one night, a big special trip, special surprises, candles, etc. Make sure that you are making your relationship a priority... including financially.

Alright, go get your lovin' on! If you have any romantic ideas or things you've done in the past, please do share! I'd love to hear how yall make romance happen. We are still big newbies and need all the suggestions we can get!


  1. O my gosh! I know you said y'all are reading a book to say do something romantic but wow... he went above and beyond! Lucky girl and such a sweet, sweet memory. I may just have to check out this book for us.

  2. i looooooooove this post. What a huge blessing it is to have a young married small group! I am in a young married women's small group and have learned so much! We recently read "For Women Only," by Shaunti Feldman and I highly recommend it. The biggest point in the book is how men feel when they hear "I am so proud of you." It is the most powerful thing we wives can say to our husbands. In a study, more men wanted to hear "I am so proud of you" over hearing "I love you." Crazy, right?!

    Anyway, keep up the romance you adorable lovebirds! xo

  3. Awwwwwww, such a sweet guy you have!!! :)

  4. I really like the idea of #4... #5 is also fun, I mean we could do that in our own backyard. I sent this to the hubby today to take a look at... You have a wonderful hubby! xoxo A-

  5. Oh what a sweet post! I love that he surprised you after work like that :) Our wedding is in two months and these small romantic gestures have definitely been a topic of conversation :)

  6. what a great surprise!! i love things like this! you are just adorable. and yay for yummy food!
    xo TJ

  7. So great! We are still hunting for a church and a small married group to join. Congrats on having a great one!

  8. I am so thrilled I just found your blog and I whole-heartedly agree with this post and furthermore you pictures capturing this date made my heart pitter-patter. The end.

  9. LOVE this. you, my dear, are absolutely adorable :)


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