escape to blowing rock

This past weekend we ran away to the mountains with two of our favorite couples. We rented a house high up on the hill for the weekend and had an absolute blast. I literately had to drag myself out of the house kicking and screaming,"I don't wanna go home!!! NO, you can't make me!" But, I made myself pack up my bag and leave {otherwise, I'm sure the cleaning peeps would have run me out}. 

Our weekend looked a little like this: hot tubs, wine, karaoke machine, battle of the sexes, downtown strolling, to-die-for ice cream, massive meals, laughter galore, 20 questions, cupcake wars, tickle monsters, frog eggs.

This weekend made me realize several things:
1. I love the mountains and need {not want} a mountain house. 
2. God is SO GOOD. He not only blessed us with the opportunity to go but also blessed us with some super, awesome friends. {Woo! Woo!}
3. Good friends are essential. Ones that hold you accountable, teach you, guide you, praise with you, pray with you. To spend the weekend with those that we share a connection with on that level was ah-maze-ing. When something was good, we could praise God together. Or, when I almost ran a red light at the very beginning of our trip {like not even really out of the neighborhood yet}, we could pray boldly together. 

Of course the weekend was filled with food. Mal, Anna and I planned the meals out the weekend before over a bottle of wine: pizza, crepes, delicious stew.
 good morning, beautiful!
 we were walking around downtown Blowing Rock and I fell in love with this alley.
so, we stopped for a short photo shoot.
 Mal, Anna and me!
 boys will be boys
 and of course a mountain town is full of snow gear -- which we saw a few flakes on our way out!
 pretty sure this is what heaven looks like...Kilwins Icecream store
my two beautiful friends!

Although today was hard to be back, it makes it that much sweeter to escape away with good friends. 
Next trip.. beach, anyone?


  1. I went to Blowing Rock at Thanksgiving. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it there!! I'm so happy you were able to spend your time with good company AND make it out of Raleigh alive!! (Stinkin' red lights!!)

  2. what a fun trip!!! Those alley pictures are hilarious. Move to Charlotte, I want to be friends! :)

  3. Freddi H.6.3.12

    I love this blog, Celeste! The pics are great and your description of the weekend makes me understand why Mal loves you so:)

  4. Can we go back tomorrow? And leave ummm ... never? And my momma is right. I do love you so!

  5. Oh man you guys look like you had a blast! Great pictures!

  6. what an adorable post! Looks like a lot of fun. these pictures made me smile. cute blog! xo

  7. just found your blog! I love if you would come check out mine, and maybe we could follow each other?

  8. Wow what a fun trip! Looks like a wonderful time! xoxo A-


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