race day

Today is the day I pay to run 3.1 miles at the butt crack of dawn. What was I thinking when I thought this was a FUN idea?? It's Saturday.. I should be sleeping.

Needless to say, about eight weeks ago I started the Couch to 5k plan with the goal in mind to actually run a 5k. I ran cross country and track in high school and continued to run after so running wasn't new to me. But I would sprint, walk, spring, walk, sprint, walk 3 miles. I never learned that whole 'pace yourself' thing. Until now. It's been kind of fun to completely train myself to change up my normal routine {of 10 years} knowing that in the end it will make me a better runner. But, the idea of waking up early and paying to run... is still unappetizing to me.

So, here's how you're supposed to prepare for one of these things:
1. get sleep two nights before
2. keep your running light during race week
3. eat breakfast two hours before race time
4. arrive an hour early
5. spend 25 minutes warming up and stretching
etc. etc.

here's how I prepared
1. went out my friend Amanda last night for sushi and cupcakes and went to bed around 11 last night... the night before around midnight {I got back into town around that time}
2. ran three miles once and did a SLOW two mile yesterday
3. just ate breakfast -- so an  hour and a half before
4. ehhh no beuno on arriving early. I'll be there 30 minutes before. maybe.
5. we'll run up to the starting point, so that's about a mile warm up. I def will stretch.

I have a time in mind I want to beat. BUT I'm really just trying to hold myself accountable for finishing the race without walking once. If I hit the time without focusing on it, I'll be happy. If not, I'll probably be annoyed but I'll get over it. Baby steps. Baby steps. Here goes nothing.

and now for a little motivation.... 
Source: tumblr.com via Waruo on Pinterest


  1. This picture is hilarious! Just think of this scary sea monster chasing you while you run! Love you girl! xoxo A-

  2. good luck.. did you like couch to 5k i wanna try it

  3. haha nice pic! Good luck, you'll do great!

  4. ha ha- that picture is hilarious. I hope the race went well- your preparations plan sounds far better than the recommended one anyway. xo


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