happy leap day!

someecards.com - Leap Year gives me extra time to reflect on how unproductive I am with extra time

a whole extra 24 hours for the year -- I believe this day should always be considered a holiday - no school, no work. It shall be called "here's-an-extra-day-catch-up-do-whatever day." Disregard that it won't fit in your calendar... perhaps HAEDCUDW day would work better? Hmm..name needs a little work, perhaps.

I can see it now. Stores would have ridiculous sales. Banana Republic, Nordstroms, Pottery Barn.. everything $29? Yes. Yes. I think so! We'd all be home catching up on our to-do lists or spending the day giving our loved one some extra love. WOW, can't you just see how productive we would all be in this magical, dreampt up world with our extra 24 hours!? Whew - I'm worn out just thinking about all the productivity!

I'd love to be home sewing that skirt I bought material for 4 months ago, planning the months meals or spending much-needed {uninterrupted} time with my hubs. But, I know if I had the day off for HAEDCUDW day... I'd be doing what I do best.. wasting time or filling it with the regular ol' day-to-day crap. Happy leap year!

How will you spend your extra 24 hours this year?


  1. I completely agree... Leap day should be a holiday! You have inspired me to write a Leap Day post tomorrow!

  2. I love everything about this holiday! I would spend the day hiking in the mountains with the hubs!

  3. I vote it should be a holiday!

  4. I wish stores had everything for 29 dollars! Hopefully the government will learn that a day that only occurs once every four years is very deserving of being called a holiday


  5. HA! Well... #1 I had to work and I guess that means I got ripped in pay? and also in bills? ha! xoxo A-

  6. I think you're on to something! Let's start a petition for Leap Day becoming a national holiday! :)


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