the land of a bajillion things

I love stuff. Not that I necessarily want it all {don't mind me.. I do want it all} but I love seeing what other people are creating out of random items. My favorite stores are full of eclectic items. Flea markets, yard sales and antique stores are my friends. I love dreaming up what things could become but I am at a loss for placement. Reason in point why I need to make besties with an interior designer.

Anyway, Saturday Mike and I happened upon this huge but random store at the back of the farmer's market. Thinking it was strictly garden stuff, we were both pleasantly surprised to see that this building was filled to the brim with the most random pieces: machine parts, canisters of all types, wheels, jugs, crates, bathtubs on stands, you name it.. they had it.. somewhere. 

I felt like a kid in a candy shop. The pricing wasn't bad. No yard sale price but less than you'd find in your typical Pottery Barn. And, even better EVERYTHING had a sale tag.. 15% off, 25% off, 40% off.

Quickly Mike pointed out.. we could make that... and that... and that. So, what started as a 'maybe we could find something fun to add dream about adding to the house' quickly turned into 'maybe we can make that for the house.'

Either way, lots of great ideas and inspiration for your home. 
perfect for your kitty lover friends - mine's Amanda {at Eloquent English}
I just loved all the different distressed looks on the furniture pieces -
a great way to spruce up a piece of furniture you have

 couldn't resist these cute little pickles! Check out their flops.

 i love old doors. and the colors. awesome.
cute idea for a nautical room
love this 

how perfect would these be for a coffee table on the patio
wall art
storage bins?
and the cutest thing I found.... I took this one home with me :)

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  1. I LOVE the distressed look of the furniture!! :)


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