urban farming

I'm a veggie junkie. I crave veggies and lots of them. 
Thanks to my wonderful husband's green thumb and Raleigh's great farmer's market, I crave the fresh goods. Fresh veggies' color and taste trump those destitute grocery selections every time. And, there's something so rewarding about eating what you've grown {or in my case, someone you know}.

Mike in the past has grown veggies in containers. It works but it's not ideal. The fruits are little, and you're limited on what you can grow. We have big dreams of lots of land and lots of veggies {maybe some chickens too, one day}. I've always wanted to live on a small farm. I love animals. I love the idea of time slowing down. I love the idea of knowing what is going in our bodies {for the most part}. I don't know the first thing about gardening but Mike does, so I think we'll do just fine. BUT...
 Living in the 'city' means no land. No land means no big garden.

Oh, well you better believe that idea don'y fly in this family. So, we're bringing farming inside the beltline.
first stop... pick up veggies: we're starting with romaine lettuce, red leaf, spinach, bok choy and cauliflower.
step 2: build a garden bed - we chose to do a 4x4ft about 16-18 in deep

step three: buy soil -  LOTS of soil. We bought two more gigantic bags after all this.
Step four: Lay down a rock layer for drainage and hopefully a little protection for the concrete {1-2in deep}

step five: Fill with soil, soil and more soil. We're letting it settle a few days before planting some veggies. In the meantime, the veggies are happily planted in containers.

So, there's our garden. I'm hoping we don't get in trouble {we rent}. But, I figured do now and ask for forgiveness later. Right? Come spring/summer that sucker will be filled with greens, tomatoes, peppers, jalepenos, and any other little veggie guys that spark our fancy.

I'm no farmer - so I'm sure we did plenty of things wrong in this process. However, Mike has this magic halo or something because whatever he does, everything seems to always work out great. Boy got skillz!

Mmm... I can already taste the deliciousness!


  1. I am writing a post on my herb garden for later this week so this post makes me so happy! I feel like I have so much to learn from you! :)

  2. This is terrific!!!! :) Y'all are just the best!! :)

  3. That looks perfect!! I am going to copy y'all!! :)

  4. This is so awesome!! I so want a little veggie garden of my own. We just have to get through this long Boston winter.

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