valentines round-up

Valentines day.... its a love/hate kind of holiday.
I hate the hype and expectations but I love what Mike and I have turned it into.
 Love. Fun. Happiness.
We always escape to the mountains around Vday. Talk about taking the pressure off. We just enjoy each other, have fun and {of course} drink lots of wine and eat delicious treats. Last year we shared how many bottles of wine {and ate Bodos bagels..the best} with our best friends Lauren and Joe?? Perfect.

 In fact, I never actually remember what happens on the real Feb 14. This year, I'm dreaming of sweet neutrals, yummy tidbits and thoughtful surprises.
dress French Connection | shoes Prada | earrings Neiman | clutch and belt Asos | watch Kors | shadow Stila

i love you because | anniversary date | stamped heart | photo with wedding vows


  1. I love that frame "I love you because___you wake up happy".
    I wake up. Happy? Not sure. I'm still asleep when I wake up. My feet just haven't figure it out yet.
    I wonder what Daddy would say at the end of that...

  2. Great post!!!


  3. That outfit is perfection!!

  4. Love your blog! So happy to follow you! :)


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