no cell phone
no internet
two whole days - off the grid.

Mike and I escaped this weekend to a little B&B cabin, Fiddler's Roost, in VA mountains.
Each morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast brought to our doorstep,
shared long chats over cups of coffee {yes we are back to our evil-before-detox ways},
sunk deep into a steamy hot tub as it snowed around us
drank a bottle of wine over scrabble
read books in front of the fireplace
snuggled thoughtless.

Time slips away. Monday comes, and we are already chasing away the week. We are baffled when Monday shows its face again one week later and it seems like night hasn't yet struck. Where does the time go? Why are we chasing away our days? Why are we running on to the next task/thing on our list/activity/trip before even savoring the now? Time is passing us by.

This weekend the world slowed down. A minute felt like a minute. A kiss could be tasted, felt. 

This weekend we sat for hours with nothing on our mind except the now. Don't get me wrong.. there were a few chats about how we needed to buy a mountain house and our kids should grow up in a more relaxed environment like this with chickens, cows and 20 dogs. However, the majority of the time was spent feeling the bite in the air, savoring a piece of chocolate mousse pie, holding hands and remaining thoughtless. 

For someone that always has 50 things planned in her head and is moving on to the next task before the one at hand is finished, I NEVER thought I would be satisfied in this state of mind. But, boy, was I.

It was a perfect weekend. 
they delivered breakfast each morning to our doorstep. Once you were finished, you just stuck it on the porch for them to pick up. Perfection.
If you can't tell by the sugary goodness - it was delish!
Our little living area. We spent most of the time in the hot tub on the porch and in front of the fireplace. 
Lazy bones, we were. 
We saw our first snow of the year.
The sweet, sweet owners left us a valentine and sweets in with our breakfast quiche. Looking for a romantic getaway or a place to hide with your honey, run here.
How often do you enjoy the now? Are you planning your next move before finishing your last?
Do you want to sell me your mountain house for an incredible steal? We're down for the purchase ;).


  1. Wow this looks absolutely amazing! I could really go for a nice relaxing getaway in the mountains! We saw our first snow of the season as well!

  2. I love reading your blog!! It's slowly creeping up to be my favorite!! You're just so thoughtful and genuine!! I need to detach from the hustle and bustle of life one of these days!! It really looks like you and Mike had a wonderful weekend!! :)

  3. I SO need a weekend like that! Sounds like you guys had a great time!!

  4. Looked amazing!!!


  5. What a PERFECT weekend! My hubs and I are so in need of a little get away like this!

  6. You are such a betty! What a fun trip. The hubs and I recently had our getaway in Blowing Rock!

  7. You're such a good writer. Beautiful trip. I want to go somewhere like that with my babe! We all need to slow down. Me especially!


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