windy city getaway

This past weekend Mike and I took a trip to the great city of Chicago, aka the Windy City (despite popular belief... it is named after its politicians long-winded speeches not actual wind... just a little factoid to start your day).

We had an amazing five-course meal at one of Rick Bayless' (TV food guy) restaurant, Topolobampo. Sadly, I couldn't snap any photos... it wasn't allowed... meh. But, trust me.. it was delicious. We just spent the weekend walking around and admiring the city.

 My cutie hus.band, Mike, on our way from the train stop to our hotel, which was right on Michigan Ave... across the street from a four story Nordstroms...dangerous!

The view down from our bedroom window: Christmas lights = happy me

        beautimus view!
Oh, just a treat the hotel left us: two bottle of wine, fresh fruit in spoonfuls, and  a variety of spicy, dark and toffee covered chocolates.
Hello, snow. Thank you for surprising us Saturday morning! So, this is what Christmas feels like...
                                         Weber grill = man heaven

                    Can you spot Santa? How about 50 of them on bikes?

  There is something magical about a city at night, especially at Christmas.
Our view from the John Hancock building lounge. We met up with a college buddy of mine for a drink and landed the best seat in the house. I think an overpriced glass of wine was well worth the view.

Chicago, we will see you again soon. Thanks for cooperating and giving us wonderful weather, a peak at snow and filling our bellies with delicious treats. Till next time, xoxo.

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