a long time coming...

Finally... a year later I am starting the blog I always said I wanted to. Now, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these kinds of things. So needless to say, I'd been designing (or making my husband design.. he's the artist of the family.. not me) this 'perfect' blog for the past few months and realized it's NEVER going to get started if I don't just bite the bit and start it. I can make it look pretty later, right? So, here it is. The first entry of a blog I've been blogging to (in my mind) for the past six months. YIKES!

I suppose I could make a formal introduction of myself, my super cool husband and this blog. Mike (aka super cool husband) and I have been married for, oh..., well two months now. We both LOVE food. We love to cook (he does most of it); we love to eat out; we love to try new foods and could literatly eat.eat.eat. all day long if given the chance. We also love to travel (and secretly I think it's because we like to try their foods - you will quickly find everything revolves around food in this household!). I've got an obsession with living abroad for a year or two.... we'll see if that works out. And, an obsession with getting a dog.. another thing to see if that works out.. Mike says 'no'.. for now... Mike is an artist, is full of ideas and can remember every little detail of everything and anything. I forget what I just said two seconds ago, am 'realistic' and the dream crusher :). But, it works.... really well.

So, for the bloggy blog part... After getting engaged last September (2010) to Mike, I started following tons of blogs. I found my best ideas came from someone elses and that their joys and troubles helped keep me level headed throughout the whole wedding process. I had this group of online friends that knew exactly what I was going through! Even if they didn't know I existed.. we were still friends, right? Anyway, so from there I decided I wanted to be a part of the blogging world. And, now that I'm married (September 2011), VOILA, the blog is born.

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