Christmas came early

I love shopping. I love having stuff. I don't love spending money... somewhat contradicting, eh?

Well, Christmas came early for me (from me) and barely put a dent in my pocket. Muy beuno.

I am a popcornaholic.
I love it covered, salted, plain, dipped, sprinkled
anyway I can get it.
nothing makes popcorn like a Whirley-Pop
an early Christmas present to myself
thank you William-Sonoma sale and giftcard - I couldn't pass it up

there is nothing like making a big ol batch of popcorn and snuggling up with your hunny :)

ps.. clean eaters.. microwave popcorn made the naughty list!

 I do fundraising (as one of my many hats) for a nonprofit. We did a Lia Sophia fundraiser. Guess who reaped the hostess benefits (or most of them). Yes, me. Lucky, lucky me.

And, what a wonderful time for it to show up on my desk!

 here's the booty
 turq studs. yum
 holiday party,
running to the grocery store..
these gals are perfect for any occasion

 and who doesn't love a simple bracelet and necklace

All this and it's not even Christmas yet!
I love opening packages. It never gets old :)

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