over the river and through the woods...

to our parents house we go!

fact: I loooooooooooove Christmas.

I love the trees,
the decorations,
the traditions,
the lights,
the music
the food,
the family
the parties
This is my first Christmas as a wife  and my first Christmas with my Mikey-Mike (aka husband).
We always split up for Christmas (and every other holiday) and met up at some point when we were dating. Our parents only live 45 minutes apart so it worked well.
This year we get to be together the whooooooleee time! So far the entire thing has been awesome... we picked out a tree from a local farm, brought it home, named it (Forest) and decorated it while we watched Christmas movies and drank eggnog. We had a Christmas party. We went over to our neighbors house, Mal and Kyle, and watched Christmas movies while wrapping presents. It has seriously been the most perfect Christmas.
Fun. Relaxing. Festive.

We'll be spending the holidays at his parents house until Christmas day and then head down to my parents house for a few days. Our camera is dead (BUMMER!) and the charger is in Raleigh (ARG!) but we'll see what I can capture.

Merry Christmas Eve to all! Happy almost birthday baby Jesus!
here's a shot of us with Forest before leaving... once I get the camera up and running I'll share some of our holiday fun

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  1. I hope you two had a wonderful first Christmas as husband and wife!!! =)


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