30-week bumpdate

Helllloooo 3-0. Crazy. Ten week countdown begins now. 

How far along: 30 weeks! Whhhhhhhhatttt????

 Baby Size: head of cabbage. Speaking of cabbage... I read in the book Birthing From Within that you can use cooled cabbage leaves in your bra to help relieve engorged boobies. That's taking cabbage to a whole new level

 Weight gain: 18.6 ibs gained

Maternity clothes: still the same ol stuff. I'm waiting for an excuse to buy something ☺️😉

Stretch marks: not yet. Still wondering about the one mark I found though. It has yet to be determined if it's a stretch mark or skin something or other. 

Sleep: sleeping alright. I wake up to switch sides occasionally but overall it's pretty solid. 

Gender:  a little baby girl

Movement: all the time! Sometimes I'm convinced she's trying to break out. She really loves early morning to practice her aquatic flips and turns. While on vacay, mike and I have just laid there and watched her flip and move all over the place. He's so cute. He's jealous that I get to carry her and genuinely wishes he could. I try to encourage him to stare and touch the belly as much as possible to feel and be connected with her. He's going to make such a good dad.

Best moment this week: vacation. Duh. It's been a much needed time alone together. We don't relax easily so in the past we've committed to one weekend away from the house/people to make sure we get time to relax and regroup. Nothing big or fancy...most of the time we stay close to home (b&bs in Durham, chapel hill, etc). It's difficult for us to not do and go when we are home so it's really important to get away and refocus. This was the first time this whole year we've gone away just the two of us and it was veerrryyyy much needed. I'm not ready to go back to real life. 

 looking forward to: we've got our first in-home meeting with our doula this week 

Food cravings:  still nothing. Back to my old self though. No more sugar cravings. No more meat cravings. I just want a big pile of veggies all the time. 

  Anything making you queasy or sick: nope -- although greasy or fried stuff makes me feel like crap but that's not pregnancy related...that's just normal me style

Labor Signs: nah and thank goodness because we're far away from any kind of hospital and I'd prob go into freak out mode

What I miss:  the ability to do anything without a belly getting in the way or getting worn out quickly or being nervous that I'll hurt da babay

Symptoms: a slight waddle and having to moe positions like every 30 minutes

Nursery: nothing new since we've been gone the whole week! 

Belly Button in or out? Same ol

Wedding rings on or off? Still on

Mood:  um great. I'm on vacation. Duh. 

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