25-week bumpdate

How far along: 25 weeks

 Baby Size: head of cauliflower

 Weight gain: 121.2 at my last appointment

Maternity clothes: Yes -- still wearing some shirts/dresses that aren't maternity

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep:  It's aight. I wake up a lot at night and haven't really felt rested this week but it's not horrible.

Gender:  A little chica

Movement: Lots. It's my favorite thing. I so wish I could see what she's doing in there.

Best moment this week: Mother's Day hands down. I don't even feel like a 'mom' yet but it was so encouraging to have people wishing me a happy mothers day and for Mike to have set up the perfect little day. He bought me one of these and flowers and treats and was just super sweet and spent the afternoon with me. We walked around downtown and stopped for coffee and pastries and just enjoyed the sunshine. I loved it :)

Food cravings:  Nothing - I've actually kind of had food aversions. Nothing has really been that appetizing

  Anything making you queasy or sick: no but I did have a hella heartburn the other night. I felt like I was going to start vomiting stomach acid.

Labor Signs: Nope - still debating on which classes to take. We borrowed a few books from the library -- Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth and Husband Coached Childbirth

What I miss:  Nothing this week

Symptoms: hmm heartburn, which sucks, and joint pain. If I could get a massage every other week... I totally would. 

Nursery: Mike installed the closet organizer thing! YAY! And we went through the many boxes of stuff people have given us to try to organize it a bit. We have a LOT of boy clothes...... so I may have ordered a couple outfits today. Oh and we got a stroller! We went with the BOB SE --- REI is having their anniversary sale sooooo we took advantage.

that's my boo boo doin' his thang

Belly Button in or out? I guess it's outish (but I'm still saying it's in)

Wedding rings on or off? On 

Mood:  Pretty good. A little out of it lately but I think that's due to lack of quality sleep. I am back to being super excited for her to get here. I can't wait to take her to go strawberry picking, music in the park, take a day hike at Umstead or stroll through the Farmers Market. I have a feeling I'll be obsessed with her.

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