23 week bumpdate

How far along: 23 weeks (I currently like to say almost 6 months.. sounds way more legit)

Baby Size: grapefruit (10.5in, 12.7oz)
 Weight gain: I'll be stepping on a scale tomorrow so I can finally update this one. I almost bought a scale last weekend at the garage sale but passed it up. A whopping $5.

Maternity clothes: OK so....yes there are cute maternity clothes but there is also just a bunch of plain, boring stuff or it's crazy expensive (and never goes on sale like real people stuff does). I've found that a lot of normal people clothes still work for me so I've started shopping where the non-preggers shop again and picking things that should work (I usually stuff like ten pieces of clothing underneath it while in the dressing room). Maxis are good with or without a big ol' baby belly. Oh, and these Old Navy shorts fall below the bump so they work great (for any pregger peeps out there).
Stretch marks: nope

Sleep:  It's not horrible but not great. I've been spoiled  my whole life because I NEVER used to wake up at night. This whole waking up several times a night really just aint my thing but I guess it's getting me prepped for what's to come.

Gender:  a miss

Movement: feeling it every day (if I sit long enough to notice it). She really loves to continuously karate chop my bladder whenever I'm trying to concentrate or talking to someone. Not great for focus but glad to feel her moving around in there.

Best moment this week: watching my belly jiggle when I laugh. I now know what Santa feels like. 
Oh, and I had my first prenatal massage. Best thing ever. If we could afford it, I would go like every other week or monthly. It was soooo nice and relaxing. 

Looking forward to: Finally getting stuff done. We're touring the hospital at the end of this month. I want to get signed up for classes (I'll take all and any suggestions) and find a moms group that takes in moms before the baby comes. I just want to get in the know and start building a community.
Food cravings:  Ehh, nothing this week

  Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Labor Signs: How early do Braxton Hicks start? I feel like I may have felt something along those sorts. I definitely don't think my pain tolerance is what I'd like it to be.

What I miss:  I still miss being able to do whatever I want. I'm so tired at the end of the day that I have no energy to do things I love or want to do. My brain is mush. So that kind of sucks. It will be nice to just be able to go-go-go and not need to be in bed by 8:30

Symptoms: peeing a lot and back hurts. I had a semi full-blown temper tantrum by myself last night so I guess moody would be up there too :)!

Nursery: Yeah, about that. We are going to tackle the closet.... one day.

Belly Button in or out? The top part (what I call the flap) is poking out but the belly button part is still in. It's going to pop. I just know it.

Wedding rings on or off? On 

Mood:  All over the place. I am really grateful for this little nugget. I think she's going to be real cool and hopefully she'll like us. I am very much looking forward to having her here and being able to teach her all sorts of cool things (like growing stuff, sweet dance moves and how to perform a dutch oven). But being pregnant is frustrating (and I've had a GREAT pregnancy). It's hard not having the same mind and physical capabilities that I used to have. She gobbled up my brain cells like a game of Pacman.


  1. She may not give those braincells back either. I'm a testament to that. Oh, and you think you will have energy to go-go-go after she's here? you're so funny.

  2. You're literally the cutest most beautiful pregnant person I have seen. Ever. So glad I'm right up the street. :) Coffee and walks and patio sitting! And wine once she's here! ;) Love you to pieces.

  3. Bahahaha teach her how to properly Dutch oven ��. You're lookin good my lady!

  4. Such a cute little pregger. ;) I need to see you soon!!! xoxo


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