Spring, please.

My heart is aching for Spring and Summer.

Sunshine.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Gardens growing. Running outside. Toms, flip flops, tanks, cardigans and dresses.

I'm done with wearing six thousand layers, and my jeans have not appreciated me sticking two pairs of leggings underneath them....not sure they'll ever fit again without some extra padding. Done with constantly freezing and eating root vegetables. Done with snow. Done with being too cold to do anything. Completely, utterly over winter.

We ordered a truckload of dirt. No lie. A commercial sized dump truck showed up.  And prepped the yard for planting. Good-bye grass. Hello veggies. This only gets me even more ready for Spring. Ughhhh come on!

Basically, I want to be here:

Not here:

Pretty obvious who has the real talent in our household. Me, duh.

I'll admit the snow was a nice touch. Mike worked from home. We played in the snow, drank hot chocolate and snuggling by the fireplace was a must.  But winter, feel free to go on your merry way. We're done now. Thanks!

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