b/c who doesnt love a christmas tree farm


 Mike and I started a new tradition when we got married - get our Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm. So this year, after Thanksgiving, my whole family packed up and headed to the closest Christmas tree farm. This was the first holiday I got to spend with my sister and her family (excluding her hubs) in 5 years. It filled my heart with joy to be able to roast a marshmallow with them and for my nephew to ask to hold my hand as we tromped through the trees. I loved seeing him pick out the perfect tree, which was exactly three feet high; and teaching my niece how to pinch something far off in the distance (come on, we all know this trick and see it in pics all the time). Oh and let me tell you, I never knew a hayride could be so funny. No idea why we were cracking up....but we were.

I am beyond grateful for this family. Each moment is worth savoring with these folks.  We won't be together always and soon we'll be divided by an ocean again. But I am grateful for the opportunity to make memories and build relationships that will last a lifetime, even when we're gone.

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