We're all moved in. Don't get me wrong, we have an entire room full of boxes and our guest bedroom looks like a serious dudes room. Mattress on the floor, all the furniture that doesn't match anything else, etc. But other than that, it feels like a home. Our home.

Our friends and family were a huge blessing. My parents spent 5 days painting, packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking. Our best friends, who are now only 11 houses away (can you say AWESOME!!!??) were on their knees scrubbing baseboards and moving a Uhaul full of plants (among many other things they helped out with). We have some serious champs in our lives. We couldn't have done it without our parents and our best friends. 

Now we're in and dang this place is fancy. I have a garbage disposal for the first time. Two sinks in one bathroom (what?!?), granite countertops, hardwoods. It's been hard for me to comprehend. My heart flutters every time I walk into our house or flip the switch for the garbage disposal. It doesn't feel real. I hope it never feels real. That I never get used to it. That I never expect 'fancy' or desire more 'stuff.' I pray that I continue to be grateful for each piece, each amenity, each necessity. 

It's been overwhelming. The fancyness, all the projects I want to do, the boxes of stuff, the decorating ideas, the parties we want to host, the potential of laughter and life happening here. I feel overwhelmed with our fortunate we are. How rich our lives are. Not just because of our new, awesome, super fancy house, but because of our amazing friends, our supportive families, our perfectly imperfect marriage, our merciful, gracious, almighty God. I feel my gratitude renewed, as embarrassed as I am to admit it. Seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Hopefully it doesn't always take exceeding my expectations by a million to restore in me a grateful heart. But today, I'll take it.

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  1. Loved reading this. And love having you 11 doors away!! We are so incredibly thankful for you and Mike. God has given us SUCH a gift having y'all as friends, but then having you as neighbors.... HE IS AWESOME!!! LOVE our Lord, love your beautiful new home, and all the wonderful times we'll have there together.


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