I need you..

Right after posting about going to Africa, I started feeling completely overwhelmed. Fears and questions were moving in and kicking out all the hope and courage that once resided. As fear started rolling in, it was so much easier to just let the anxiety take over and feel completely helpless. I couldn't seem to shake it. All lies.  But how easy is it  easy to fall into those lies? To believe them. To become them. Fearful. Helpless. But I'm not helpless and I shouldn't be afraid.

I went home to Shelbyville for a wedding party and on the way popped in a cd I had received when I visited Elevation Church in Charlotte over Christmas. The first song was exactly what I needed to hear. Exactly what I needed to be praying for. After about 486 plays, I surrendered. I may be weak but HIS spirit is strong in me. My flesh will fail but my God never will.

I need you to soften my heart  
To break me apart  
I need you to open my eyes 
To see that You're shaping my life  
 All I am, I surrender  
Give me faith to trust what you say  
That you're good and your love is great  
I'm broken inside, I give you my life
I need you to soften my heart  

To break me apart  
I need you pierce through the dark  
And cleanse every part of me  
 I may be weak  
Your spirit strong in me  
My flesh may fail  
My God you never will 

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  1. this is on of my favorite songs. My sister goes to elevation and luckily they play this song alot at the summit church.
    I will be praying for strength for your trip


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