weekend happiness

We've had our first weekend in months where we had no obligations, no plans, nothing -- and, boy, did we need it. Our weeks and weekends had gotten so full of obligation after obligation that neither of us could even remember what it felt like to have a night where it was just the two of us. Needless to say, this weekend has been GLORIOUS!

The only down side is that we've had scorching hot weather.. I'm talking 100+, instant sweat bath, nasty hot. We spent the weekend mostly inside beating the heat. We celebrated Mike's last day at work with some yummy beer and a relaxing night. ps. it's new news that Mike got a new job -- it was crazy how it all happened and a super quick process.

We watched a lot of tv {kind of unusual} and saw a great documentary about food {our all-time favorite thing} called Forks over Knives that my friend Mallory told us about months ago. If you eat food {which I hope most of you do}, I def recommend watching it. The documentary is based off of The China Study and is just packed full of good information. I will admit, it helped reinforce our decision to eat a plant-based diet {although there are a few things that I won't ever give up -- uh, cheese and sushi}. Either way, watch it. It's free on Hulu. So, you don't really have an excuse :)!

We also went to the mall and made a spontaneous decision to switch our running shoes to the new barefoot style running shoe.

I'm in love. They've only gotten about two miles under the sole but I can already see a wonderful relationship blooming.

It's weekends like these that I love. Not that I don't enjoy vacations, packed weekends or wonderful guests. It's the weekends filled with the little things like watching movies with neighbors, playing euro cup with my husband and buying new shoes that remind me of how blessed I am and give me that little bit of rebooting time before the week starts.

Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous3.7.12

    So glad y'all had good down time! Sounds like a great weekend. : )

  2. that sounds like a fabulous weekend! having no obligations can be a very good thing! those shoes are super cute too! i'm not sure how i feel about barefoot/minimalist running yet though...


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