Guest Posting on Gratefully Inspired

Hey Y'all!

So excited to share that I am guest posting today over at Gratefully Inspired on what I've learned since saying 'I do!' Whether you're married, single or crushing, you will totally love reading what brides have shared about their little lessons learned.

Denise's blog is one of those blogs that as soon as you wake up, you are turning on your computer to read what she wrote because it inspires you and challenges you.  I always feel like I walk away with some amazing little nugget. Denise is not only absolutely gorgeous but she has such a bright outlook on life and her heart is on fire for the Lord! She rocks! So... go check her out. DUH!

Did I mention how gorgeous she is? 
{ps Denise.. hope you don't mind that I totally swiped this pic from your blog}


  1. Loved your post! So wonderful!

  2. I second Katie! Great post! I'm having to remember all this WHILE planning a wedding. I've been missing the old us when I'm preoccupying myself in making a day awesome, when in reality, we've had numerous days that are just as magical in the 3.5 years we've been together. :)

  3. I loved your post on Denise's blog! It reminded me to love harder and blow off the small stuff. Pick up those underoos myself.

    You're right. Denise is gorgeous...but then you're no frog yourself. Wait. Frogs are cute. You're my gorgeous girl...and I'm not biased. :-)

  4. So thankful to have you on the blog yesterday Celeste!! You are wise beyond your years...


  5. The guest post was beautifully written, Celeste. Love how your voice comes alive in your writing. And I agree with candycorn (hey Candy!) ... you ain't no frog! (it's actually kinda crazy how beautiful my besties are!).


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