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Every year for Memorial weekend, we get together with our besties Joe and Lauren. Each year has been a new adventure on where we go and what we do. The only thing that matters is that we are spending it together.

Here's our tradition so far:
Year one: NC beach
Year two: Charlottesville, VA
Year three: camping/canoeing
Year four: Raleigh

This year, we hung out, biked around town, played cornhole, threw a surprise party for our friend Kyle for getting a new job, went to the pool, the Arrigos got introduced to anchovies on pizza {and loved it}, heard about Kirchgassner adventures, tried to convince them to move to NC and not NY, and stayed up too late {but so glad we did}.

Growing up, I never had a yearly family trip or anything of the sorts. Although at the time I didn't feel like I was missing out on something, I now feel like I would be so disappointed if this tradition stopped or got put on the back burner. It's important to both of us -- so much that Lauren even told her mom I'd be coming on a bachelorette weekend with her if it happened over Memorial Day next year. That's real dedication right there!

This tradition started when Mike and I were just dating.. like super fresh. It is now something I can't imagine skipping. This tradition is something that hopefully will continue with Lauren and Joe no matter how far the distance or how many kids. It will be something our kids look forward to every year. Something that we will make sacrifices for. A guarantee to see our good friends each year.

If there is anything that I've learned about friendships or, really, any relationship, it is that it requires work. Good friends are hard to come by. By good friends, I mean those people you know you can count on, the ones you turn to, laugh with, cry and make up with, the ones that are always there no matter what, that tell you you have a booger in your nose totally visible to the entire world, and ones that are willing to put you before them {occasionally}. Good friendships, of course, have their trials. Times that are tough. Times where the truth hurts. Times where you wonder will we make it through this. You fight for good friendships though. Because good friendships are worth fighting for. You make the time for your friendship. You make the effort to be a good friend. You work to make the friendship work. Just love a romantic relationship, you have to stop being selfish and do what you know fills up their love tank. So long tangent short, Lauren and I have one of those friendships. And years to come, we will still be making this tradition a reality.

Year one: the boys drinking brewskies

Year two: eating dinner at their first home

no idea where year three is and we didn't take any pics this year

Although the locations have always been different, there are a few things that have remained the same.

1) obvi we've been together but
2) we eat low country boil
Ever heard of that? It's so delicious and SO easy!

Low Country Boil
serves 4
an ear of corn for each person, cut in half
1 ib new red potatoes cut in half
one kielbasa cut into 1 in pieces (you will want to use real pork keilbasa.. the fat gives it so much more flavor)
1 ib uncooked shrimp
Old Bay seasoning
1 lemon
Fill a big ol' pot halfway with water. Bring to a boil. Add new red potatoes. Cover top of water with Old Bay seasoning. Squeeze a lemon into the water. Cook for 20 minutes. Add corn. Cook 10 minutes. Add kielbasa. Cook for 15 minutes. Add shrimp. Cook two minutes (or until shrimpies are pink).

Served and enjoy. Pair with some yummy crusty bread and provide Old Bay to dip shrimp or roll your corn in. Best if enjoyed with friends and lots of laughter!


  1. what a fun tradition! shrimp boil is soooo good!

  2. y'all are so cute! i just love the friendship!!!

  3. What a fantastic tradition to have! It looks like a blast!

  4. I bet it wasn't fire like Joe's. Super fun tradition!!! xoxo

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  7. Anonymous4.6.12

    Such a fun tradition! Love this post, Celeste.


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