San Fran lovin'

Oh wait, I went to CA?

Wasn't that like last month's news?

Sure it was {well technically no because it is still May}! But, hear me out.. end of new job, beginning of new job, guests visiting, this, that and the other. That's my excuse.

So.. FINALLY.. my California trip is here to make its debut. And no better place to start than San Francisco, where its normal to see a guy walking around naked, where you wait for hours to eat sushi but its so worth it and where walking home from the bar two blocks away is the best workout you'll get all year.

So literately the first day I met Mike, I heard about this sushi place called Sushi Zone that had THE best sushi EVER. Every time we ate sushi {which happens weekly if not more}, Mike would talk about this place - ranting and raving about how good it was. You better bet Sushi Zone was our FIRST thing on the list as soon as our feet hit SF ground. We dropped off our bags and headed straight to the place to put our names on the list.

Sushi Zone is a TINY spot -- two tables and a bar to eat at. TWO tables. That feeds two groups at a time. Small. small. small. So, you walk in, put your name on a white board and wait. While we waited, we headed over to Orbitz {highly recommend} where we grabbed some of the best and more interesting drinks I've ever had. They were made with natural herbs and plants they grew at the bar. Mike got the bourbon and basil {bottom left}. Mine was something that reminded me of horse racing and citrus trees {bottom right} and his sister's husband got the 'Tree of Life,' which was like garden in a cocktail. They were so good & so worth the $10 price tag.

 After our first drink, we headed back to Sushi Zone. Mike met and became best friends with this group that was in line ahead of us. For those that don't know, Mike could make best friends with a brick. He loves talking and talks to anybody, any time, anywhere. After another hour or so of waiting {you have to wait a loooong time}, we finally got a seat. The menu isn't extensive and, to be honest, I was bummed at how few options they had. But holy crap - every single roll was SO amazing. This old Asian dude in a 70s hippie-T was cranking those suckers out. He has magic fingers and can make one hell of a sushi roll. It is great sushi {not the best I've ever had but top 3}. I def suggest going but be prepared to wait.

The next day we headed to Golden Gate Park, which unfortunately you now have to pay to see things like the Japanese Tea Garden and the Botanical Gardens. I completely understand the whole having to pay thing but we're on a budget -- I'm not paying to look at flowers. So we just walked around and it was still a great place to spend time and take in some beauty.
 After walking around, we headed over to Blazing Saddles to rent bikes and bike over the Golden Gate bridge. I loved it. It was a bit chilly but the ride was nice and flat and had beautiful views.

 After our 'workout' we treated ourselves to the most delicious thing ever - a 'Gold Rush' from Ghirardelli. Oh.my.goah. That sucker was heaven in ice cream form. It was so yummy. I mean like never-in-my-life-has-something-been-so-yummy good. Just looking at this picture makes my mouth salivate, my pupils get big and my knees weak.

 If you haven't noticed yet, our vacation consists of food and physical activity. To top off the day, we headed over to Fisherman's Warf where we indulged in some amazing chowder.

After our bellies were stuffed and our muscles sore.. we made the trek 'home.' Here is our sweet view from our rental. The whole place was windows. It was amazing to just wake up and look out on the city. After all the chaos of running around with family doing this, that and the other, it was so peaceful to just stare out these windows in the still of the morning. I would live in a glass house. Give me the scenery. I'll just pretend no one can see in when I'm walking around in my skivies.

next stop-- wine country


  1. your trip looks amazing! matt and i went there last year and it was one of our favorite destinations! can't wait to see more :)

  2. The picture of you jumping made me laugh! LOL! Did you see any sea lions? I thought they migrated and never came back, but wasn't sure. I love San Fran!!! Missed you! xoxo


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