our home's first holiday

This past weekend seems like years ago. It was just so busy and full of fun that BAM the week hit and it's just crawling by. I hope everyone had an awesome Easter! For us, it was amazing {and tiring}. We stayed in Raleigh and had Mike's parents and my dad {my mom is in Guatamala on a mission trip} come up to hang out, go to church, celebrate.

We saw art
drank wine
looked at plants
strolled the farmers' market
ate German baked goods
danced at a drum circle
watched fire hulu hooping
praised God
had good conversations
played with knives
concocted flavors with Jelly Bellies
saw our dinner go from full fish body to filet
served God
had conversations over coffee
had a sugar high.

It was glorious.This was the first holiday we stayed in our home and had our families up. It def had a different feeling -- it felt more grown up, maybe? I can't quite put my finger on it. I enjoyed it though. Sunday, after all our guests left, we were dead - totally vegged the whole day. It was awesome. There is something about a day with your husband, just the two of you, worry-free, that makes for an amazing day. It's those days I treasure most.
drum circle | homemade strawberry shortcake | tomato cages | fire hulu hoopers


  1. sounds like a really nice weekend :) & that strawberry shortcake looks so good!

  2. i totally know what you mean- the weekend does feel like years ago. so much happened! Your weekend looked and sounded so delightful! from farmers market all the way to jelly bellies. xo


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