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So I totally did not finish my post for the last day of the wedding linkup last week but already had all the photos uploaded, content written, all the jazz. I just didn't finish it. Arg. I still want to share it with you though.

Most of our details were handmade by my mom, myself, and a few close friends. It was a good excuse to get together, drink some wine and craft away.

The grounds were decorated with wreaths like this one and signs galore. My mom made all of the signs and is actually now making them and selling them here. So proud! She also handmade over 100 fabric flowers that were used in centerpieces and as little details here and there. Each girl involved in the wedding had one to wear, put in their hair or carry. And, the moms' wrist corsages were white fabric flowers all made by my precious mommy.

guests were greeted with a 'stroll down memory lane' where we hung up photos from our youth and pictures of the two of us. At the end they received a handmade program - we used paper lace doilies, cardstock and craft sticks.

My dress was Pronovias - Finisterre. I was obsessed with it. It was so lightweight and comfortable. It had a form fitted mermaid style under layer with a ball gown style layer of lace over top it. As or my mom claimed, it was sexy underneath and innocent on top. That works too!

In honor of my grandparents, I carried a piece of jewelry they had given me: a locket and engagement ring. 
One of my grandmothers was able to make it to the wedding and BOY was she shaking her thing on the dance floor! 

The boys all wore socks representing the college they went to. Mike is a HUGE college sport fan.

We did the tree thumbprint guestbook, which I recommend. It makes a great piece to hang up in your house! Mike and I actually had our own little 'wine and design' day and he painted the tree while I drank wine and painted something that wound up in the trash, ha. Regardless of my lack of talent, it was so much fun to do together and use in the wedding.

little jars of honey were our take away. To be honest, this really had no significance but it was cute, matched the look and was super inexpensive!  I really wanted to do candy apples but that just wasn't in the budget.

I found the cake topper in a random shop in Germany when we visited the January before our wedding. It was ONE euro. Pricey. I know. I couldn't resist. It had our coloring AND they were on bikes so it was perfect{Mike and I love to bike. I used to bike to his house when we first started hanging out and he would carry my huge red cruiser up three flights of stairs to his apartment. true. love.}

Our rings were one of my favorite decisions to make. We went during some event so there were tons of jewelers, free flowing wine and awesome apps. I fell in love with the white and yellow twisted look. They were simple but unique and she sold me when she showed me how pretty they are without the engagement ring {traveling or babies sometimes calls for no big bling}. Mike chose a rose gold ring that has a hammered, beveled and smooth finish to it. AND its made in the big ol US of A.

Oh, wedding stuff. So much fun. What were some of your favorite details in your wedding? I've got a few more wedding posts that will make their way out over the next week or so. Is there ever too much wedding reminiscing?? Never.


  1. all those signs are so much fun! we had a lot of homemade details in our wedding too...i think it just makes it that much more unique!

    your rings are beautiful!

  2. What gorgeous details! Love the signs that your mom made and the idea of all the pictures!

  3. Awwww Ces!!! I will never forget your wedding b/c A. it was awesome, and B. It was the day after I found out I was pregnant and I was FREAKING out during most of the reception. hahaha! Chris and I had such a great time and LOVED all the details that made is so very Mike and Celeste. :)

  4. Oh my gosh. It's all so beautiful!

  5. Your programs are beautiful! And the socks, the clothesline, the rings...so fun and so sweet! Love them!

    (I also gave you a little blog award today! http://tinyurl.com/dxgrjkr)


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