goodnight moon

Oh weekend, how I hate to see you go but I'm left in comfort knowing you will return. I cherish the weekends when we stay in, work on projects, visit friends and spend hours chatting over coffee. This was one of those weekends.

After my awesome picnic surprise, I decided to surprise Mike with a fort. We had talked about making one of these since before we got married but never did. I grabbed all the blankets and sheets I could find and got to work. Since it was our 6-month anniversary, I decided to use this as an excuse to pull out half of our wedding cake from the freezer and eat it {and it was AMAZING... I was so surprised}. We chilled in our fort all weekend -- it was awesome and made me feel like a big kid!
{for the record.. this is the first 'anniversary' we've celebrated....ever}

we spent today decorating and cooking for a baby shower  for my sweet little preggers bible study leader that I'm throwing with Amanda. here's a sneak peak...

What did you do this weekend? 


  1. It's amazzzzing how good that cake is after sitting in the freezer for so many months, huh?
    And the fort... how FUN! You are the best wifey ever :)
    So sad your weekend is coming to an end but ours is just starting! That's right... our new weekends are Sun-Wed. I am NOT a fan...

  2. OMGOSH - stop it right now! You two make me smile. Our 6 month is quickly approaching and I've been begging to pull our cake out! haha.

  3. Ahhh that's so cute! I make forts for the kitties with pillows as they love to hide and chase each other when I do that. We ate our top tier cake on your 1 month anniversary and then purchased another top tier for our 1 year anniversary. The cake lady sold them for $10, good excuse to eat yummy cake! xoxo A-

  4. I LOVE this post! Yall are too cute. What a fun idea!


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