down the aisle

*sigh*....the ceremony. This was the most intimate, precious time of the day for me. Oddly enough, it was also the most nerve wracking part. I do NOT like being the center of attention. Eyes on me freak me out. My eyes start to twitch, my upper lip sweats, oh it's just gross! But this moment was going to be one of the most important moments ever, so with our families, we worked hard to make every detail in the ceremony special and glorifying to God.  From my brother-in-law marrying us to walking down the aisle to the same song my mom did, each detail was special to our hearts.

We chose to do a few things out of the ordinary for the ceremony.  By incorporating communion and a foot washing, we were able to humble ourselves, serve one another and serve God together. It was really important to us to focus our marriage completely on God -- knowing we wouldn't be where we are today or able to make a marriage work without His grace and mercy. Our vows were one of my favorite pieces. They still make me melt to this day. My brother-in-law worked on us with special vows that were presented in the typical way but had so much meaning and were just real and raw. 

Almost everything was handmade by my mom, brother-in-law and a few friends: programs, sashes, pottery, corsages, my veil, etc. Our florists were local growers{the coolest chicks this side of the hemisphere} and incorporated all sorts of interesting natural textures. They made my vision come alive. 

Ok enough blabbering {b/c I could go on, and on, and on}... here's our ceremony! 



Aren't they precious!? Mike's adorable nephew and my sweet niece. 

my sweet, sweet Mallory - friend, mentor, neighbor. no idea what I would do without her
{beautiful} - maid of honor -  {strong} - best friend - {unconditional love}  - sister 
Dave {my brother-in-law} did an amazing job. He made some laugh....
and some fall asleep ;)  {that's his sweet baby and the cutest thing EVER}


my friend and amazing singing companion from high school. she has a voice that makes your hair stand up. love.

last but not least, the pinkie promise!
looking back at these photos has been really good for me. it reminds me how blessed we are. Despite how stressed out I was that day, everything melted away during these moments. you couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried. 

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  1. beautiful! I think some people rush through the ceremony just to get to the party, but I agree that it's the important party! Love how you kept God in focus!

    Found you through the linkup and am a new follower!

  2. I LOVE how yall washed each others feet. I think that is SO sweet and sentimental.

    Also, Can i just say how much I love that you wore a blusher? I did too, but none of my friends have. I think there is something so special about it.

  3. I have never seen the washing of each others feet! What a wonderful idea! And the pinky promise... amazing! New follower from the link up!

  4. I love the washing each others feet idea - so adorable!! Great pictures - you look stunning! :)

  5. I love how you washed each others feet. I've seen that more and more recently and I LOVE the meaning behind. Absolutely beautiful wedding!

  6. so lovely! love the washing of the feet. we did it too! SO SPECIAL :)

  7. Beautiful ceremony! I love the photo of your kiss, and how the wind is blowing your veil. Gorgeous!

  8. omg, that last picture.. the kiss picture.. just kills me!! love how your veil is blowing in the wind, and you two look so, so happy! thanks for sharing these photos! can't wait to see your reception photos on wednesday!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful. What a gorgeous ceremony. The pinkie promise is the best idea I've ever heard!

  10. All of your pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE the girls' dresses, they are perfect and can be worn again-how awesome! And the foot washing-I love that. My mr and I did that too!

  11. btw, I'm your newest follower :)

  12. Awww! You were such a beautiful bride! Btw, my husband and I made a pinky promise too! I love it!

  13. Where did you get your pitcher and bowl set for the foot washing ceremony?


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