Superbowl funday

In case you didn't get the memo- Superbowl was last night. In our house Superbowl consists of bets, food and football. We went to our friend's house to hang out and watch the game {her pet dinosaur was at doggy day care}. I actually paid attention to the game for about 20 minutes {possibly a world record for me}. BUT I spent most of the time where it mattered -- chowing down and chatting.

Mike and I decided on bringing buffalo chicken poppers with avocado blue cheese dressing.
We stayed up late the night before so needed some quick, easy and painless {with good looks}.

 Here's the spread at the beginning of the party - but a ton of other delicious treats made their way into the party later one. My favorites were the brie and rasberry rollups {bottom left} and buffalo chicken bites{not pictured}. Oh, and the host made some delicious veggie chili {find her recipe here} -- YUM!
Mike and I of course made a friendly bet:
Patriots win - I have to cook two batches of cookies from my new cookbook {might I add... these suckers take hours upon hours to make.. no break and bake here}.
Giants win - Mike has to cook every meal for the next three weeks

{Mike does cook often so in hindsight I could have chosen something a bit more challenging and rewarding.
Perhaps, I should have made him drive my old piece for the next month while I drove his shiny car.
Mike loves his car.  It's a serious relationship -- not yet Facebook official.. but close.
Now THAT would have been a cruel bet.
next year.. next year... }

Giants won. I win.
Two weeks of NO kitchen duty.

Now for the buffalo chicken poppers recipe {original recipe found here at Iowa Girl Eats}:

4oz cream cheese
a ranch packet - powder form
one medium to large chicken breast
4 tablespoons wing sauce {or you can use hot sauce}
pack of 8 crescent rolls
blue cheese dressing
mix cream cheese and 3-4 teaspoons ranch powder together

roll out crescent rolls on parchment paper and cut the triangles in half with a pizza cutter.
seperate each triangle and flatten out.
mix your diced up cooked chicken with 4 tablespoons wing sauce/hotsauce and a teaspoon of ranch powder. we used hotsauce because we are too cheap to buy wing sauce {and already had hotsauce}. It tasted fine but I def think the wing sauce would have given it that extra umph.
plop a teaspoon of the cream cheese mixutre down onto each triangle
top cream cheese with a spoonfull of chicken
fold up triangle points as best as you can
stick poppers and parchmant paper on a cookie sheet and follow the crescent roll directions

now for the dip:
smash up one avocado and add 3/4 blue cheese dressing {we chose buffalo blue cheese and it was delish}


mix it all together.. and what do you get?

A yummy treat!


  1. I've made those buffalo chicken poppers before (thank you pinterest) and they are sooo good!

    1. They are so good and so easy - dangerous combo for me!

  2. MMM! What'd Mike make for dinner tonight?? Hah! : )

    1. Oh you know, just a pecan encrusted sockeye salmon with spinach etouffee. Or maybe it was just leftovers, ha! I should have included some stipulations - fancy feasts only.

  3. OMG everything looks so delicious! Can I come over lol? ;) Great blog!

    1. Haha! Anytime! We love a reason to party, eat and drink wine ;)! Thanks for stopping by!


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