I'm not one for making resolutions.. in fact, I'm not sure I have ever made a 'new years resolution.' This year, however, Mike and I will be taking on a few challenges:

clean eating detox
Mike and I are looking for new ways to cook, new ingredients to cook with and a new start with what we're putting in our body. I've been sick on and off for a few months, so I'm hoping that this will get my immune system up and running. And, after all the holiday goodies, we could use a little detox! The hardest part... giving up caffeine and alcohol. Check out the entire 2012 whole living action plan here.

i work out.
Our fitness routine is everywhere: gymin' it. pick-up games. long walks. runs. kettle bells. bike rides. hikes. But nothing we do stays consistent. Some weeks it's nothing, some weeks it's all of the above. We want to  are going to get back into a 'working out' habit. Since the holidays, we've been in an 'eat-lots-sit-lots' habit.. bad bad BAD! We've decided to start with three days at the gym (no time limit) and a walk/stretch session each day. And our goal = do a triathalon before the years over.

gettin' our Jesus on
Since the wedding this past September, we've gotten so bad at spending time each day in the Bible. We've gotten so involved in other things like preparing our 'nest' that we've turned our God-centered relationship into a God-second (or third or fourth) relationship. But in 2012, things will change. 

There are a few other things we have in mind for the new year:
new jobs
sew more (me)
redo our bathrooms (all three)
start an indoor herb garden
do a veggie garden
build a desk (mike)

How will we keep ourselves on track?
the board in our kitchen will be a daily reminder and where we will both hold each other accountable
we both have our own chalkboard square divided up for us to keep track of what we do when

bike - workout
book - spending time in the bible
stick figure - walking/stretching
dollar - applied to a job
each day, if one of the above is done, a symbol is drawn
as we start the process, a few changes may be made... maybe some rewards, consequences, who knows..
 how do you keep up with your new year's resolutions?

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