a pre-meditated cheat

We did it... we cheated. Big time. {or, at least tried}

I've had an itch to bake lately. I received lots of fun baking tools for our wedding and Christmas and haven't gotten to use them yet. So after two weeks of no sugar, I was baking {sugar, sugar and more sugar}. My excuse for breaking will remain that I needed sugar  wanted to use my new tools. 

We chose two recipes that we could freeze leftovers {or else we would have eaten them all}. 
Cake balls and chocolate covered peanut butter squares.

cake balls 

 put one package of regular oreos through the food processor 
hand mix the crumbs with a pack of cream cheese
roll into balls and chill for an hour or two

 peanut butter cookie mix
 what detox??
 naked cake balls
after chilling, dip balls in chocolate and re-chill

After baking for hours {with a movie during chilling}, we were dipping balls at midnight and didn't even finish the peanut butter squares {we still have like four  more hours of work for those suckers.. ugh}. Our pre-meditated cheating wound up with us just licking bowls and utensils for the night.  Guess that's what we get! 

bon apetit!

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