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Week two is over. {Whew! YAY! Hallelujah!}

Last week was bleeeech! Most of the recipes were straight up BORE-ING! The soups were bland {or maybe I'm a bad cook}. And, I had to choke down sardines {in a salad with clementines, might I add} for lunch one day. I'm sure my coworkers looooved me for that one.

Week two was interesting. Breakfast consisted of sweet potatoes, miso soup and tofu with collard greens. I discovered I really like tofu {on the to-do list, find a good cookbook for cooking with tofu.. suggestions??}. I've developed a love for cooking with recipes {although I still skim the directions and often miss something important like adding the beans to black bean salad... oops}. I also discovered I have NO willpower when I don't want to do something. Week two was really challenging for me. The food wasn't nearly as tasty as I expected so my first reaction was to cheat.. Give me a delicious, fatty smothered-and-covered burger; a huge mound of greasy, salty fries; and ten pounds of chocolate, please. By midweek I was determined to end the whole detox right then and there. My sweet, sweet husband kept me on track though {and let me cheat gracefully}. Now, onto week three renewed and ready. {I think..}

There were some tasty tidbits during week two, though {few and far between}. These are recipes we will def have again (click the name of it to find the recipe):

this was awesome - the citrus flavors with the fish and avocado were perfect. And, if you haven't had bok choy... try it. It's delish! We bought ours at the local asian market so they were super cheap.

I'm obsessed with Mike's salsa {I'll have to share his secrets later} which is similar to this recipe
Needless to say... one bite and I was hooked. All it needed was some tortilla chips to go with it.

oh, wait.. is that coffee I smell? Crap..  

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