old traditions. new traditions

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the traditions. We've got a few from our parents we want to adopt but it is also important to us to make our own.

Old traditions we'll keep

1. One of my favorite traditions (that we will adopt) from my family is to give a 'gift' to Jesus. Each year we write a letter offering up our worries/something we've been struggling with that year/something we need help changing and/or thanking Jesus for all that he has done and who he is in our life. We wrap the letter and place it in the nativity. Christmas night, we make a fire outside and talk about what the Christmas story means to us, read some scripture, pray and then offer our letters by throwing them in a fire. It is solely symbolic and made up by us but it really is a great reminder of what Christmas is all about. This is by far my favorite tradition and one Mike and I will be doing together and when we start our own family.

2. Midnight walk - Mike's family goes for a 'spin' aka walk around the block after dinner and before bed. This is such a good time for everyone to make a little belly room and just enjoy one another. It's also really fun because you get to see all the neighbors Christmas lights one last time!

3. Yearly ornament - every year growing up I've always received an ornament that represents something I've done that year, something I've been into (drums, soccer, dance, etc) or something big coming up in the next year. I love this tradition. Not only because its specific to each person but because you can look back over the years through ornaments. 

 an ornament I made for mike out of our wedding invitation 
 our first christmas ornament from mi padres
 2010 ornament - ENGAGED :)
graduating from college ornament - no idea how my mom always finds the perfect ornament .. but she does.

4. Mike's uncle comes down every year from Pennsylvania and stops in Pittsburg on the way down where he picks up delicious chunks of cheese, olives, meats and wondermous wine. Needless to say, eating good food, drinking yummy wine and hanging out in the kitchen will always be something incorporated in ALL of our holidays! 

new traditions we'll make

1. handpick/cut down a tree from a local farm (we love to shop local!)
just a wee bit small 
 just right
taking our tree home

2. Take a Christmas hike - we love to hike (we got engaged while hiking, we hiked on our honeymoon, etc.). Our plan is to take a hike every year Christmas eve, Christmas day or the day after. Our parents live within a short drive (20 min) of the mountains so that makes it easy! 

3. Decorate and wrap presents with Christmas music, movies and eggnog
 i like to use whatever i can  find to decorate presents with - beige ribbon, straw and glittery random objects
 we went with a festive assortment of wrapping papers
 stockings=essential (another favorite tradition of mine)
 we used berries everywhere... this is in a large lantern filled with candles. this candle was a wedding gift with our wedding invitation  in it

our beautiful, perfectly-picked tree, Forest, with his handmade (paper) star

cheers to traditions and holidays.... 361 (ish) days till Christmas 2012 ;)

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  1. Great traditions! =) I have a funny berry story for you later.


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