home for the holidays

I'm sad. I don't want Christmas to be over, and I def don't want to take down all the festive decorations. But, Christmas is over and I have to return our home to normal. Bleh. But, that doesn't mean I can't relive it here for a few days :)

This year was by far one of the best Christmas-es. Not only did Mike and I get to stay together the whole time but it was filled with lots of family, good wine and delicious food (homemade ravioli, leg of lamb, deep fried turkey.. and the list goes on!).

yup, that's my dad. we all received a gift ball  (click there for the tutorial) from my sister-in-law and brother. they were themed and so much fun to open. a little gift was in the middle but until we got there, we had to get  decked out in the little gifts inside! 

the mess after opening gifts at my parents

Arrrrg. Shiver me timbers... another gift ball.

Mike's parents' Christmas tree - how fun is that?!

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