tequila holiday cocktail

Tequila may not be your first go-to liquor for Christmas.. or ever... but this little concoction is one worth going for. It's festive and you can't even tell there's tequila in it, which can be dangerous. Caution: drink slowly.

Oh, and if you were looking for a reason to make apple cinnamon simple syrup  -- look no further.

I don't know what it is about Christmas time and the winter but I could seriously  bake and create in my kitchen all day every day. I find myself reaching for the sugar jar daily and buying more sugar and butter in one week than I do an entire year. It's very likely at this point that I've developed diabetes with all the sugars I've been consuming lately. Totally worth it. Totally worth it...

Ingredients for one drink

1 shot of tequila
1 1/2 shots of apple cinnamon simple syrup (see recipe here)
Blenheims ginger ale (or any spicy ginger ale/ginger beer will work)
3 rosemary sprigs

How to

in shaker, mix tequila and simple syrup together and 2 rosemary sprigs. pour over ice in short glass. add ginger ale (probably about 1/2 a cup). squeeze in lime and add a sprig of rosemary (feel free to reuse the ones you used in the shaker... I always do). Drink up and enjoy.. with friends, in front of a fireplace!

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  1. I'm totally trying this! Looks awesome!


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