weddings, anniversary and a ton of boxes

first off, Google, don't ever switch things around on me again. it took me 10 seconds longer to figure out how to get to my own blog. no bueno.

second, we've already begun the packing process so i'm constantly looking for where i've put something.. only to realize it's been boxed up. grrrr.  at least i'll be ready when it comes time to load up, right? fingers crossed. i feel like our lives are going to be in orderly chaos for the next three weeks. moving day, come quickly! PLEASE!

third, wedding season for the year is finally over.  we ventured to san diego, asheville and charleston in the past month for three amazing weddings. i love getting to see the sweet details and touches that each couple adds to their day. it's so cool to see how they tailor their day to their personalities, experiences, culture. i love it. and i am soooo glad we are done with weddings for the year! ps. i forgot my camera to all but one wedding. oops.

last but not least,  we celebrated our anniversary at the end of the last month. we were already in asheville for a wedding so we decided to stay a tad longer. we got engaged in Asheville on Oct 31, 2010. it was sweet to be back and relive the day. we hiked and had a picnic at the same spot where mike popped the question. ventured back to Grove Park Inn and walked around (we stayed the weekend here when we got engaged). dreamed about the day we'd come back and relive the experience of the spa, cocktails, etc. stayed at a B&B and walked downtown, grabbed a coffee at Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar, a beer at Ben's Tune Up and dinner at Curate. A taste bud explosion. dear asheville, i love you. we will be best friends. someday soon.

 san diego. tom and christie tie the knot. a cultural explosion made this wedding so unique and fun. ps..there was a moment where 90% of the men were topless and dancing (or jumping) all over each other on the dance floor. hilarious.

one of my favorite moments in a wedding is seeing the look on the groom's face when he first sees his bride. priceless.

they couldn't be any better looking, seriously.
 next up, asheville. mark and lindsay make magic happen. we danced so hard our hips and knees were aching the next day. i'd relive this wedding over and over again.
a little rehearsal dinner fun

Claxton Farms, quite possibly the most beautiful setting in the world

one cute husband

a little tribute to our anniversary (which could have been it's own post)

and wrapping up in charleston, where the grits were delicious and i was drooling over the flower arrangements
recognize that dress. yes i wore it to two weddings in one month.

 now back to drowning myself in packing supplies. adios amigos!

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  1. You attended 3 weddings, celebrated your anniversary, and had to do some packing – 2013 was definitely a busy year for both of you. But among these activities, packing is the most challenging. How was your experience in moving, by the way? I hope all your boxes were delivered safely to your house and nothing got left behind.

    Clay @ WorldPackagingCo.com


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