first day on the job

Firsts are always exciting. Often nerve wracking, full of emotion, kind of scary, yet thrilling.

Today is the first day of October. One of my all time favorite months, favorite seasons. The chill in the air when you first wake up, all the fun fall festivities, the fair, carving pumpkins, sipping hot apple cider, boots and scarves. Oh its just all so good!
Also, today is my first day as my own boss. I had 6 weeks "off" playing hostess and travel companion but now I'm back to "work".... Part-timing it until we move in and settle. It's going to be a lot of planning and calendar crunching for the first few weeks. Re-doing the timeframe a tad, revamping this and that. Who knows, I might even send out an email or two. I'll also be searching for a semi-permanent workspace outside of my four walls. Thoughts, anyone?? Otherwise, I'll wind up polishing doorknobs or baking another set of cookies. Distraction, you are my enemy! And sugary goodness, you are not helping! 

I am so excited for today. To make this endeavor feel more real. To tackle the whole working from home thing. To motivate myself. To turn our dreams into reality. To be a small business owner. To make pizza. 

Here's to a first of many. 

Oh and any of you that work from home.... Please share your tips, tidbits and things to help keep me on track. I'm also an office supply junky, so would love to know your recommendations for planners, supplies, etc.

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  1. Gotta find a room to lock yourself in!!! Make it a personal work space that feels like a work space.


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